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Type of project

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From $100 to $5000

To repay

Within 3 to 48 months

TAE equivalente La TAE depende de la duración del préstamo y de la fecha del 1er pago. El ejemplo se basa en pagos a último de cada mes. Los ejemplos proporcionados tienen únicamente un fin informativo y no tienen obligaciones contractuales asociadas a ellos.


Personal Loans in an Easy and Modern Way

Better Conditions Through Better Data Analysis

Personalized Personal Loans Online


Thanks to our technology, we evaluate all of your data to build an image of your financial profile in order to offer you the loan which best applies to your needs and preferences.

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Accessible Credit Application Online Loan


Our advanced analysis system allows us to provide you with a loan, even if a traditional bank turned your credit application down or even if you have recent unpaid bills.

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Optimal Online Loans


We help you build and improve your credit rating by providing you only with loans you can pay. Do not wait years to begin to see improvement on your credit rating.

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An Experience Built to Save Time and Money

Applying for a personal loan is very simple. All you need to do is decide how much money you wish to receive and how long you wish to return it in. No hidden fees. Completely safe.
You will receive a quick response to your personal loan application. Read our eligibility conditions for further information regarding our decision process.


3 Simple Steps to Obtain your Online Loan

Application Form Online Loans

Fill in the Application Form

Quickly fill in some personal information to be able to evaluate your application. All of your information will be completely secure and fully confidential.

Online Loan Application Review And Credit Profile

We Analyze Your Application and Credit Profile

In a matter of minutes we will analyze your application and we will offer you an online loan adapted to your needs.

Money Transfer Online Loan

We Transfer you the Money

Once the online loan has been approved, we will apply a $5 debit to verify that you can reimburse the loan. Within the next 7 days after this charge, we will transfer you the money and reimburse you for those $5.


Bonsai offers you financial products customized to your specific needs.

We use the latest technology to offer our clients an easy, fair and safe access to a credit.

We build long term relationships with our clients and help them to access better lines of credit through financial insertion and personal development.

Personal Loans


Throughout the credit application process, you must provide your personal information. Through your profile we will get to know you. You may add information about your education, work experience, income, debts and financial habits. It is an easy process, but an important one. We take this verification seriously.
We take our time to go over and verify each and every application in order to get to know our clients and will only loan the adequate amount to financially responsible people.


You must have a minimum net monthly income of 500€.
The clients will be automatically enrolled in a direct debit scheme. Once a personal loan request has been approved, we will apply a first debit of 5€ to your account in order to make sure that the direct debits get through correctly. Your loan will be transferred within the next 7 days after this charge, which will be reimbursed once the loan has been transferred. Should this first charge fail, the loan will be rejected.
The loan amortization will always be through direct debit.


The credit score, to determine credit risk accurately, is done by means of artificial intelligence and automated learning.
We assess your requests based on the information you provide. No intermediaries.
The better credit score, the better credit offers.


Our mission is to facilitate access to credit for people with little or no credit history. Traditional financial institutions have neglected this group of customers for years due to lack of credit rating, being excluded from access to credit.
By using technology applied to credit decision, Bonsai Finance closes this gap to facilitate access to credit on fair and sustainable conditions for these people.


Our unique technology credit score and automated learning allows us to be a “Digital Bank”, determine credit risk accurately and provide a friendly and quick service to those who would be rejected by traditional banks.


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