Request a Personal Loan

…It’s that easy and simple. Apply for a personal loan of up to 3000 €.


  • Have a minimum net monthly income of 500 €.
  • The amount of the monthly loan payment cannot exceed 15% of your gross monthly income.
  • The amount of monthly payment may not exceed your minimum account balance over the past 3 months.
  • New and old customers who qualify as loan eligible, may opt for the full range of personal loans from 1000€ to 3000€.

Bankrupcy and Insolvency

  • An applicant who is currently in bankruptcy will be rejected.

Initial Conditions

  • Be between 18 and 65 years old and reside in Spain.
  • Have a bank account where the personal loan is to be paid and have a regular source of income that can be verified through bank account transactions.
  • Have a debit / credit card to collect, as a fallback solution, the reimbursement of the loan repayment.
  • Have an active mobile phone that can receive calls and messages via SMS.
  • Not having an existing debt undertaken with Bonsai or other organization(s)
  • Not have any loan open with Bonsai (payday or personal loan).
  • No more than 3 applications rejected in the last month.
  • Have no history of late payment of 7 days or more.

Complete Your Application

  • Create a Bonsai user account with a valid email and activate.
  • Choose the amount of money you want and the time you want to return it in.
  • Fill out the form with your personal information (date of birth, ID number, address, mobile phone, alternate phone) and source of income and an estimate of your monthly expenses.
  • Fill the form with your financial information (bank account, debit / credit) so we can get you your money as quickly as possible.
  • All of this will help us ensure that you are able to pay your loan when the time comes.

Loan Confirmation

  • Once your application is approved you will receive a text message with an activation code to the number you have previously indicated to proceed with the loan.
  • You will receive an email and an SMS with details of approval.

Quick and Easy Money

  • Once the loan is approved, we will make a charge of 5€ via direct debit to your account (customers will be automatically enrolled in a direct debit scheme) to verify that you can repay the loan. Your personal loan will be transferred to your account within 7 days of this charge which will be reimbursed once the loan is granted. If this first debit fails, the loan will be rejected. Repayment of the loan will be done by direct debit.
  • Finally, you will receive an invoice via email and SMS indicating all loan data that has been bestowed upon you and refund details.

With Bonsai Finance, it´s that easy and simple. If you have any questions, you can talk to our customer service during business hours or email us and we will answer as soon as possible.


personal loansWe will always protect your personal information, and comply with the regulations of Standard Data Security for Payment Card Industry PCI SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council).
Bad credit loans with fast turnaround time. Online application is generally short and easy to fill out, requiring less information than would be needed to apply for a traditional bank loan. You will only need to indicate your annual income, state of residence, basic personal information, and a few other items.