Transparent Fees

No Surprises in Your Payments

With Bonsai Finance you can be at ease, always knowing what you will be charged. We pride ourselves on the simplicity and transparency of our fees.

In our desire to stand out from our competitors, we have designed our fees to be as simple and transparent as possible. If you apply for a personal loan and it is granted, you must pay the interest associated with your loan depending on the amount requested and the chosen time, no surprises.

personal loan

Once the loan is approved, we will make a charge of $5 via direct debit to your account (customers will be automatically enrolled in a direct debit scheme) to verify that you can repay the loan. Your loan is paid to your bank account within 7 days of this charge, which will be refunded once the loan is granted. If this first debiting fails, the loan will be rejected.

Loan repayment will be provided by direct debit.

We have full confidence in our fee process: we firmly believe that at Bonsai Finance we provide the best product and the best customer service in the industry of online personal loans.

Flexibility in Our Conditions

We are aware that things do not always go as planned, so we warn our customers about potential problems.

Regarding monthly payments, we offer a grace period for each monthly payment of 5 days. Late monthly payments will receive a penalty of 1% (fixed) by default. This 1% is calculated on the amount of the outstanding loan.

At Bonsai Finance, we prefer that this does not happen, and for this reason we work hard with you to make sure you can pay your credit in due time or extend the deadline as needed.

Our ultimate goal will always be to present ourselves as a solution, not a problem.