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Retail Visa Credit Cards
9 Mar 2018

6 Popular Retail Company Credit Cards

For some retailers, a store credit card is a great way for them to promote brand loyalty.

Unfortunately, for many consumers, a store credit card is a great way for them to buy things they don’t need and add to the average $15,654 in credit card debt most Americans carry.

If not used wisely, it can ruin your credit making it hard to get loans.

Thankfully, there is a smart way to use store credit cards to your advantage. They’re actually a great introduction to credit for those consumers with a limited credit history. Some also offer great rewards, too.

We’ve reviewed popular store cards. Based on their perks and pitfalls, here are six popular retail company Visa credit cards worth owning.

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1. Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

If you shop at Amazon a lot, their prime rewards Visa credit cards are a great idea. The annual fee is the $99 you’ll spend on their Amazon Prime membership. However, you also have access to free movies and free shipping on your Amazon purchases.

But you don’t just save on making purchases through Amazon. You will receive 5% back from shopping online on Amazon but you’ll also enjoy 2% back for restaurants gas station, and drug store purchases. You’ll even receive 1% back on other purchases.

The Perks

Just by signing up, you’ll receive a $70 Amazon gift card. Your points won’t ever expire and there are no limits on how much cash back you can earn.

It’s easy to redeem your points. You can do so instantly for purchases. However, you can also use them as a statement credit on your next credit card bill.

There’s no minimum required before you can redeem your points. However, 2,000 points are required for any cash back redemptions.

You can also use your rewards for things like gift cards and travel.

The Cons

It’s unfortunate, but there’s no way to transfer rewards points. You also can’t link your card to more than one Amazon Prime account where you’ll earn 5% on purchases.

2. Costco Anywhere Visa Card

Costco is a great retail store. If you have time, patience, and a family, it’s a great way to save some money. Now, they also offer their Costco Anywhere Visa credit cards to their customers.

The Perks

Let’s start with the fact that you’ll receive 2% back on all your Costco purchases. You’re already saving by buying in bulk so any extra savings are gravy.

Like the Amazon Visa credit cards, there’s no annual fee except the $55 annual Costco membership fee.

If you drive a lot, the price of gas is a consideration. These Visa credit cards give you 4% back on eligible gas purchases. It’s capped at $7,000 but it’s still one of the best gas cards available on the market. Especially handy is that many Costco locations also have their own gas station.

At restaurants and on eligible travel purchases, you’ll receive 3% back. You’ll also enjoy no foreign transaction fees, purchase protection, extended warranties, and price protection.

But it doesn’t end there, for any other purchases made, you’ll enjoy 1% back. Meaning you’ll save no matter where you choose to shop.

The Cons

While you will receive cash back, redeeming it isn’t exactly easy. You’ll have to bring a special certificate from Citi when heading to Costco.

Then you’ll have to either cash it out when you checkout or you’ll need to put it towards your purchases. If you choose to receive cash, it will take awhile to get it.

Once it’s received, you have to redeem the money quickly. And those rewards certificates are only mailed out once per year in February. They expire on December 31st of that same year.

If you let your Costco membership lapse after the certificate is mailed out, your cash for the entire year is forfeited.

3. Sony PlayStation Card

Sony PlayStation Visa credit cards are perfect for those who regularly purchase PlayStation and Sony products. Especially if you aren’t planning on using the card for everyday spending.

The Perks

The sign-up offer is great, but only if you plan on using these Visa credit cards soon after receiving it. If you make a purchase within 90 days of opening the account, you’ll receive a $50 PlayStation Store code.

If you spend $3,000 in your first year owning the card, you receive a 50% discount on your PlayStation Plus membership (it’s a $30 value). There’s no annual fee.

There’s no limit set on how many points you can earn. You can also purchase points at 1 cent per point at checkout.

If you’re the type of person willing to wait in long lines for the latest gaming console, this is a great card for you. You’ll receive 5:1 rewards for all purchases made at PlayStation and Sony.

This card is also great to pay your cell phone bill with. You’ll earn three points per dollar on spending you know you’ll make each month.

As a cardholder, you’ll earn 10% back as a statement credit. This includes purchases made on PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Music and PlayStation Now services.

The Cons

PlayStation Visa credit cards aren’t useful for everyday products. You can only redeem points for Sony products. And those points expire after five years.

If you do make offline purchases, they must be from an authorized dealer and you must submit a bonus points form to receive full points for those purchases. You only receive 1 point per dollar you spend on offline purchases.

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4. Barclaycard Visa with Apple Rewards

If you are a fan of all things Apple, the Barclaycard Visa with Apple rewards is an excellent choice. You’ll save on Apple merchandise, including iTunes music and books.

The Perks

These Visa credit cards provide their customer with 3:1 on purchases made at Apple. You’ll get 2:1 at restaurants and 1:1 on all other purchases.

When you sign-up, you’ll enjoy six months of 0% deferred interest on all purchases under $99 (within the first 30 days). For purchases between $499-$998, you’ll enjoy 12 months of 0% deferred interest.

And for those who make purchases over $999 within the first 30 days, you’ll enjoy 18 months of deferred interest. Just be careful you don’t spend too freely and rack up a ton of debt.

But the perks for these Visa credit cards don’t end there. For every 2,500 points earned, you get a $25 Apple Store or iTunes gift card. These gift cards are automatically issued to you at the end of every billing cycle.

You can also combine your gift cards with coupons and discounts. There’s no limit on how many points you can earn and the gift cards and points don’t expire. Your account just needs to be active and in good standing.

There’s also no annual fee.

The Cons

You’ll have to wait to receive your gift cards. They tend to take between 7 and 14 days by mail.

Your gift cards are only good for Apple Store or iTunes purchases.

5. Nordstrom Visa Signature Card

Visa credit cards are everywhere you want to be. Including Nordstrom. This card is a great choice for those who love retail therapy or who prefer to do most of their clothing shopping at a few stores.

The Perks

Owners of the Nordstrom Visa Signature card enjoy 2:1 points earned at Nordstrom, Norstrom Rack, HauteLook, and Trunk Club. You’ll receive 1:1 for any other purchases made elsewhere.

The day you’re approved, you’ll receive a $40 bonus note when you spend $100 at Nordstrom. Like most of these other Visa credit cards, there’s no annual fee.

Your rewards are automatically issued as a $20 Nordstrom note after you’ve collected 2,000 points. You can have a Nordstrom salesperson put that note amount onto a gift card to keep it from expiring.

You can also use your Nordstrom notes with other offers. You’ll enjoy personal triple points days, early access to Nordstrom during their anniversary sale and other bonus points events.

You can even use your card to be reimbursed for alterations.

The Cons

Unfortunately, you can’t combine your points earned as a Nordstrom rewards member with your points earned as a cardholder. Those points can only be used at Nordstrom or a participating store.

Those notes also expire after one year after the date it was issued. Points expire after three years.

6. Starbucks Reward Visa Credit Cards

If you find yourself at a Starbucks every day, then the Starbucks Reward Visa card may be the find of a century.

However, it should be noted that out of all the Visa credit cards mentioned in this article, this is the only one with an annual fee.

The Perks

You’ll earn 1 Star per dollar. You’ll digitally load it to the Starbucks mobile app using your Starbucks Visa card.

If you’re a regular Starbucks member, you’ll also earn an additional 2 Stars.

For purchases made outside of a Starbucks, you’ll earn 1 Star per $4 dollars.

You’ll earn 2,500 Stars if you can spend $500 in the first three months. You’ll earn 250 Stars just by loading your registered Starbucks card within the Starbucks mobile app the first time.

There’s no limit on how many points you can earn with these Visa credit cards. There are only 125 points required before you can redeem it for a reward because they have high value. It’s about 3.4 cents per point.

The Cons

The annual fee is $49. If you’re not a big coffee drinker, this is a lot to spend for potential savings.

You’ll also have to frequent Starbucks often. The points expire in six months. They can only be redeemed for Starbucks merchandise.

Choose Wisely

Before you get another credit card, make sure you choose wisely. Find the best-secured credit card for your own personal needs.

Do your research thoroughly and find out everything you can. Your number one priority is to protect your credit.

For great tips on managing your finances, visit our learning center.