About Us

The new way to obtain personal online loans: easier, faster and with full transparency.

Bonsai Finance was founded in 2015 due to the observation, on behalf of the founding team, that other businesses from the mini loans and personal loans market have complex products, application processes and poor quality customer service.

Our goal is to develop a service and application model that allows our clients to quickly obtain they money they need.

The feedback from our clients, investors and our team is extremely positive due to the fact that we have been able to implement our technology in order to provide our clients with better service.

Technological Innovation

Our company is up to date in technological innovation and is applied to our client´s benefit. Our main goal is to change the online loans market offering an interesting alternative to the traditional money lenders, banks and other companies in the market.


What makes us different is our approach and our agility in personal loans to our clients. We stand as the best solution to help your specific needs, offering a faster service than our competitors, by placing the needs of our clients at the heart of what we do.

Our Goal

The idea behind Bonsai Finance is to help individuals with the need of a personal loan. Our goal is to become the first option for individuals who are looking to obtain a personal loan.

We live in an era where everyone is used to obtain everything instantly. The financial service industry has been listening, and flexible finance is the result of these radical changes. Thanks to this, each individual has the power to decide how and where to pay their loans, which has led to an increase in and responsible credits.

Personal Credits

Flexible financing is here to stay and is a reflection of how each one of our clients lives their lives. Technology, personal goods and now financial services are more flexible every day to becoming available at the right moment. The surge in online personal credits is good proof of this.

The traditional ways of obtaining loans and credits may be slow and without much flexibility, which has led many individuals to miss opportunities, projects, or solutions to specific financial problems because they could not obtain the necessary financing in a swift manner.