Bad credit credit cards

Bad credit is a problem for many people. Too many mistakes have cost plenty of people countless dollars in interest rates and fees because of their own bad credit. Imagine if there was a way to get bad credit credit cards and personal loans via an online application process.

Are There Bad Credit Credit Cards and No Credit Personal Loans

The short answer is "yes." The lengthy answer requires some time to explain the fine details, especially when we talk about bad credit credit cards.

The reality is that there are all sorts of loans available online just like there are all sorts of lenders online as well. The best fit may still need to be discovered, but you will never know if you never apply for a personal loan online.

The Online Application Process is Simple and Quick

You can apply for a personal loan online and see if we can help you find an affordable personal loan. Based on meeting the minimum criteria, your likelihood for a lender match is greater.

Here is the list of the application criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Not be any older than 65 years of age
  • Reside in the United States of America
  • Have a bank account that can verify your source of income
  • Have a bank account where you can repay you loan directly out of your account on a regular basis
  • Supply a debit or credit card that can serve as a fallback payment
  • Supply a cell phone number that can receive both voicemail and sms text messages

Simply meet the criteria get the process started with the online application. There are all sorts of options available for people online, but you have to at least get things started with the application.

Get Connected with the Right Lender and the Right Loan

Part of the problem with some online offers is that you do not have many options, especially when it comes to people with bad credit or no credit. The types of loans that we try to get people connected with are the types of loans that offer competitive rates and clear terms. After all, the goal for our service is to provide you with options for meeting your needs with an affordable and reasonable personal loan.

Go Through the Process to Get Matched

Plenty of people have spent too long worried about how to get their financial life right. You do not have live the remix of remorse, dreading the decisions that landed you in debt years ago and that have left you with limited choices. Live financially free with the help that we can provide with access to a variety of online loan options.

There are a wide variety of personal loans out there. Let us help you find the right fit for where you are with your finances today.

Bad Credit Credit Cards No Deposit

For those of you struggling to get yourself out of a bad credit situation, there is one excellent financial option for you. You can get what’s called a secured credit card. A bad credit credit cards no deposit solution will help you repair your credit and improve your standing with lenders – paving the way for you to apply for regular unsecured credit cards.

Secured Credit Cards

A secured credit card is part debit card and part credit card. It looks just like a regular plastic debit or credit card, but it functions differently. It uses a combination of your own funds and a credit line from the lender.

How do you build up bad credit by using a secured card?

Well, 35% of your credit score comes from your payment history. By purchasing small items and making your payments month after month, that goes a long way towards repairing your credit.

Did you know that 30% of your credit score comes from your credit utilization? It’s also called the debt-to-credit ratio. You can raise your score by keeping your debt-to-credit ration down to less than 30% of the balance. Multiply your credit limit by .3, and that will give you the maximum credit threshold. As long as you keep it under 30% of the total credit limit, your score will keep improving.

Bad Credit Credit Cards No Deposit

When shopping around for a secured credit card, you’ll notice that many of them require a deposit amount. It’s not very large, usually $99, but it is required.

What about secured credit cards with no deposit required? Several are offered from different banks and lenders. Since you have options, you should easily find a couple that you can apply to. Just be careful, however, and don’t apply to too many of them. The more you apply, the more times your credit history is accessed. These are called inquiries. Too many inquiries, and your credit score starts to get smaller.

Using Credit Consciously

Although these secured cards are great for when you have bad credit, keep in mind that they are still provided by lenders who have to get paid, too! These cards might have annual fees, processing fees, or other hidden fees attached to them, so watch out for those.

With a little patience and diligence over your purchasing history and spending habits, you can definitely use one of these secured credit cards to raise your score. Having that bad credit credit cards no deposit option has helped many consumers repair their credit.

If you suddenly find that you can’t access one of these credit cards, we have another solution, too. You can apply for a personal loan online. These loans do not require good credit, and you get the money in a matter of hours. This is extra convenient if you need money quickly, as it can take 10 days or more to get access to your new credit card.