Bad Credit Personal Loans

Pay Off High Interest Debts

There are plenty of reasons for finding out more information about bad credit personal loans. One of the most important reasons for learning more about these types of personal loans is that people with bad credit have a need for money.

Just like other people who need financial help, those who live with bad credit need the money to help them get out from under the debt that seems to overwhelm them.

Regain Your Financial Footing

Another reason for these types of personal loans is to simply pursue financial dreams. Some people might have been waiting for a financial windfall to come their way, while others have been sitting by the wayside in anticipation of an opportunity in the form of higher education or even a small business venture.

No matter what might have been behind the need, a personal loan of this type can help those saddled with high interest debt accumulating interest month after month.

These types of loans exist to help people in these types of situations regain a solid financial footing to establish themselves.

Make Financial Moves for Advancement to Pursue Your Financial Dreams

Finally, another good reason to find out more about these types of personal loans is that it can provide a simple means for making financial moves for advancement.

  • You can go back to school and finish a degree.
  • You can make repairs or innovations to your home
  • You can take a long awaited vacation
  • You can pay off a high interest car loan or buy a used car

It is totally up to you how you use the money from one of these types of personal loans.  There are no restrictions on the usage of the funds.  It is totally up to you.  Such personal loans place your power for making financial moves firmly in your own hands.

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    Credit ScoreLoan Size/AmountLoan TermAPROrigination Fee
    All can apply$100 - $15,0001 - 604.99% - 1,386%Varies by lender
    Credit ScoreAll can apply
    Loan Size/Amount$100 - $15,000
    Loan Term1 - 60
    APR4.99% - 1,386%
    Origination FeeVaries by lender

What Bad Credit Personal Loans Have to Offer

bad credit personal loans

Bad credit personal loans have a lot to offer, especially to those who have a spotty credit history.

Whether your bad credit score is due to late payments or even missed payments where you have fallen behind on credit cards or loans, you can benefit from the many characteristics of such loans.

  • Competitive fixed interest rates on the personal loan amount
  • Definitive loan terms of up to 18 months
  • Monthly payments via a verified bank accounts

These personal loans offer you an opportunity to take control of your financial situation without overextending yourself and digging yourself further into high interest debt.  You can securely navigate your financial future with options and choices rather than living from paycheck to paycheck with little to no hope of a clear path to financial freedom.

How to Qualify for a Bad Credit Personal Loan

You can qualify for one of these bad credit personal loans through a simple process.  All that you have to do is meet the necessary criteria and you can be on your way to rebuilding your credit and restating on a pathway to financial freedom.

The criteria for qualifying for a bad credit personal loan is:

  • Be a U.S. resident between the ages of 18 and 65 years of age
  • Provide proof of a regular source of income that can be verified through banking transactions
  • Have a bank account where the personal loan can be repaid from on a monthly basis
  • Have a debit or credit card that can be utilized as a backup solution for the repayment of the personal loan
  • Provide an active cellular phone that can receive both voice calls and SMS text messages

These criteria serve as a simple yet straightforward guideline for getting qualified for one of these bad credit personal loans.  By simply meeting the above criteria, you can start the process for getting your hands on the money that you need to reboot your financial status.

Take Charge of Your Own Financial Future

No matter how bad your financial situation might appear, you can rest assured that that there is help available for you.  You no longer have to live in the shadow of bad credit decisions from your own past. You can move forward and get back on the road to getting your financial freedom in place. You do not have to be haunted by your own credit history or be identified simply by a credit score.  You can have a fruitful financial future where you are actually financially free to live as you please.