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First Premier Bank
1 Feb 2019

About First Premier Bank

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At Bonsai Finance, we are dedicated to keeping you informed on all your best options when it comes to applying for loans and credit cards online. One credit card issuer you likely have heard of and may be interested in learning more about is First Premier Bank.

Here are some basics on this very popular bank and on how to make a wise decision on which credit card to choose.

About First Premier Bank

Headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, First Premier Bank is one of the biggest issuers of MasterCard credit cards in the nation. Founded in 1986 by T. Denny Stanford, the company has grown immensely over the last 30-plus years to become a true behemoth in the US credit card industry.

Although you can get all kinds of different credit cards, the most common type of First Premier Bank card has two things in common. First, it is a MasterCard. Second, it caters to the subprime market, meaning to those with bad credit scores.

You can easily find a First Premier Bank credit card offer online with a simple Google search, by looking up the company website, or by doing an advanced search with Bonsai Finance’s credit card application search engine. It takes only minutes to apply and approval is normally instantaneous.

What Kind Of Offer Is The First Premier Bank Card?

The exact terms of a First Premier card will vary considerably from person to person. Your credit history is not likely to affect approval, and you won’t have to deal with a hard credit check being run on you. But, that said, a low credit score could affect your APR, your credit limit, or other terms and conditions.

In most cases, an annual fee and other fees will apply, with the fee amount varying based on the card limit and other factors. First Premier credit cards are not normally secured cards, but unsecured ones that are available to virtually anyone who applies for one.

How Do I Apply For A First Premier Bank Credit Card?

You can compare different types of First Premier cards at Bonsai Finance, and you can discuss your options with a credit card industry expert too who works for us as well. If you decide to apply, we can direct you to the appropriate webpage.

You only need basic personal and financial information to apply. The forms are short and simple and take only minutes to fill out. You have to be 18 or older and may need to verify you have a reliable income and a currently active US bank account.

There are very few hoops to jump through and very few restrictions on applicants, so as soon as you click the button to submit your application, you are well over 90% likely to get an immediate approval notice.

Is The First Premier Card Right For Me?

At Bonsai Finance, our database includes hundreds of different credit card companies and offers, and we stand ready to assist you in finding the card that best fits your needs. When you have poor credit, this will affect which types of offers you can qualify for and how many, but our search engines make finding truly available offers quickly fast and easy.

Bonsai enables you to compare rates and terms and to narrow your search results based on your own chosen criteria. This is the kind of tool that truly puts you in the driver’s seat. Bonsai staff can help you decide in a First Premier Bank or other credit card offer in our database is right for you!

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