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310 Loan Payday Loans Review
7 Aug 2018

310 Loan Payday Loans

Need money fast and can’t get to a typical payday loan outlet? 310 Loan payday loans may be able to help.

Get money in your pocket within 30 minutes of approval!

You are interested if

You need a small amount of money as soon as possible and you anticipate being able to pay it back in full in the very near future.


Key Points

Brief Description 310 Loan payday loans are short-term high-interest loans intended to help consumers solve urgent money crises right away.
Limits and Deadlines The typical repayment period is 14 days, but other schedules can be potentially be worked out with a call to their customer service agents. Total amounts will vary depending on the applicant’s income, but first-time borrowers are limited to loans of just $600 or less regardless. Repeat customers will eventually be eligible for loans of up to $1500.
Urgency You’ll receive your money within one day of approval – email money transfers usually happen within 30 minutes, with direct deposit requests taking slightly longer.
APR Range All loans charge the maximum interest rate applicable in the province in which the borrower lives – the highest is an astounding 652%.
Closing/Origination Fees None.
Early Payment Fees None.
How to Contract the Product You can apply online or by phone through a representative. You can fax or email the required bank documents to them or use their special screen capture tool to securely transmit the necessary information. You’ll usually find out if you’ve been approved in less than one day.
Main requirements You must be at least 19 years old and have an active checking account with at least 7 transactions recorded in it within the past 30 days. You must also have a source of income that is not derived from social assistance programs, employment insurance or the Canada Pension Plan. You will only need a copy of your past month’s bank statement if you receive money by direct deposit through any of the large Canadian banks, but otherwise additional stipulations may apply.

About 310 Loan Payday Loans

Main Features

310 Loan payday loans are small, extremely short-term in nature, and can be obtained entirely online. They are good for bailing customers out of emergencies and helping life continue on in a financial pinch. In cases of failure to pay back your loan in the stated period, you will be charged a $50 fee, so it’s important that you only take one out if you know you will be able to pay it back by the due date.

310 Loan also runs a referral program for customers who are satisfied with the service they have received. You can receive $50 in cash for each new customer you bring in who takes out their first loan and successfully repays it – and as a bonus, that person also receives 20% off the fees for that loan. This, combined with the higher amounts granted to repeat borrowers, provides incentive for you to give them a try.

How Does It Work?

To obtain a 310 Loan payday loan, you have the choice of either filling out a quick online form or calling the company to apply through a representative. The company will then review your application and decide how much money they feel comfortable lending you, if any. After you’ve been approved, you only have to wait about 30 minutes to have the money delivered to your account if you choose to receive it by email transfer. Direct deposit transfers take longer but are usually done in 24 hours.


310 Loan payday loans will not be the option of choice for most Canadians looking for a lender. These are true payday loans and carry all the usual drawbacks associated with that product category. They are expensive, extremely strict, and should not be used as anything other than a short-term fix to a dire problem.

If a short-term fix is all you need, however, 310 Loan payday loans are much more convenient to get than ones that require you to apply in person. They do not conduct credit checks and will freely lend to most applicants, so you rarely have to worry about being turned down. The company also has a long enough history in the credit market to be reputable and trustworthy.

Their APR range is extremely high, but that’s less of a concern than it could be given that these loans are meant to be carried for much less than an entire year. The cost of interest over the short period before the loan is due is always stated up front and should allow customers to budget appropriately for that cost when first investigating the possibility of a loan. If you can stick to the short repayment period laid out in your loan agreement, you shouldn’t end up paying an egregious amount in interest. If you can’t, you might find yourself dealing with a collections agency rather quickly.

310 Loan: Moving Payday Loans Online

310 Loan is a Canada-wide loan provider that specializes in short-term loans that can be accessed remotely either online or by phone. Their headquarters are based in Surrey, British Columbia, with over a dozen additional office locations in six different provinces. They are an established company that has been in operation since 1999 and has served thousands of customers, both online and off, over the intervening years. Consumers choosing to borrow from them can feel confident knowing they have selected an industry veteran that knows what Canadians want and need from their personal and payday loan services.

What We Think

While 310 Loan payday loans are not for everyone, they are an excellent way to get some fast money with few questions asked. They are costly, but the company is straightforward about what the typical consumer will pay for access to them. Further, the option to apply by phone is nice for seniors and other less tech-savvy individuals who still require lending services. The bottom line on 310 Loan payday loans is that they are only a viable option for consumers experiencing a certain level of desperation, but they can help alleviate that stress when needed. We recommend this lender if you’re in acute financial stress and don’t know where to turn; chances are good that they can help.