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No Credit Check Loans Canada Guide
16 Dec 2018

A Guide for No Credit Check Loans Canada

One thing that may limit your chances of getting a loan in Canada is having a bad credit. Applying for no credit check loans Canada could be your only choice in such instances.

Everyone wants to have a good credit. However, some circumstances may occur in your life that get in the way of such aspirations. These circumstances may include emergencies such as accidents or other unforeseen expenses. No credit check installment loans Canada are offered without the lender having to conduct a credit check on the recipients of the loan. This becomes very useful for people whose credit history is tarnished or those yet to establish a credit history.

What are some common features of no credit check loans Canada?

Getting loans with no credit check does not involve complex procedures. This is because most lenders have given the option of the online application. You can also get them from lender’s physical branches by filling an application form and attaching the required documents. The lenders do not conduct a credit check on your credit history and you can, therefore, acquire the loans with or without a credit history.

Where to get the loans

The following are some of the sources from which you can get the no credit check loans in Canada.

  • Private lenders- private lenders provide lenient terms when offering the loans and do not follow some of the tough procedures followed by traditional lenders like banks.
  • Niche-focused lenders- You can collaborate with a group of borrowers to get loans from the niche-focused lenders.
  • Alternative lenders- These are lenders who are mostly found online. These lenders provide a good alternative to people whose loan requests have been rejected by banks and other lenders.
  • Credit unions- There are many credit unions in Canada that offer loans that do not require a credit check. These institutions are non-profit and therefore have favorable loan repayment terms.
  • Payday lenders  – Payday lenders offer these loans to people who are employed and are offered on one condition that the borrower will repay the loan as soon as he/she receives the end month salary.
  • Friends and family members- Friends and family are an alternative when your credit score gets in the way. The good thing about this option is that most people in this category will not charge interest.

Factors to consider when seeking a no credit check loan in Canada

  • Requirements- These include the age, residency, proof of income as well as providing the required documents. Always make sure that you meet all these requirements.
  • Interest rates- Always borrow from a lender who offers the lowest interest rates. This will ease your repayment and boost your credit score.
  • Other charges-  Some lenders will have hidden charges added to your loan, therefore, may end up affecting the amount of loan you get. These charges include an origination fee, early payment charges, withdrawal fees, early exit charges among others. Always take a loan from a lender with the least additional charges.
  • Loan terms- The repayment terms of any loan should not expose you to more financial complications.
  • Research- Choosing a loan needs some research. This will help you identify lenders who offer the most preferable terms and with the least hassle.

How does Bonsai Finance help?

At Bonsai Finance, we provide financial assistance to individuals seeking such services as loans. We connect you to the lenders who are most suitable for your financial situation, in addition to giving you advice on loan terms we assist you with the loan application process.

No credit check loans Canada can, therefore, be a good option to individuals with questionable credit history. These loans come with considerable amounts of benefits to the borrowers. As already seen, it is important for borrowers to understand the loan terms and features before applying. Work with us at Bonsai Finance and we will help you all through.