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About Amex Simplycash

All You Need To Know About Amex Simplycash

What is Amex Simplycash preferred card?

Amex Simplycashcredit card is one of the most favorable cash back credit cards in Canada. Rewards Canada has, for many times, ranked this credit card as the best cash back credit card. This card differs from the rest of the cards because it has exceptional and impressive offerings to the cardholders. The card is also unique due to its introductory bonus of 5% cash back for the initial six months and continues to give a high cash back rate of 2% after the introductory bonus. With this card, you can as well enjoy other benefits such as:

  • American Express Invites for entertainment which allows the cardholders to enjoy nights out in town. Members can purchase entrainment tickets for different evens using this card. With such tickets, you can enjoy exclusive offers reserved for members of American Express.
  • The customer care service runs 24/7, making it easy for those who cannot work within office hours to access required services.
  • Emergency replacement of lost cards.
  • The card has efficient purchase protection. As a result, you will not be subjected to charges caused by fraudulent actions.
  • The card allows online account management, which helps you to manage your account from anywhere at any time. You can as well access statements and account settings at your convenience.
  • The card does not have a limit on the amount of cash back you earn, and you can, therefore, earn cash back according to the amounts you spend.
  • The card offers you with automatic coverage for risks such as international and out-of-province emergency medication, car theft, damage and renal insurance, hotel burglary, stolen or lost baggage insurance.
  • You can enjoy an introductory interest rate of 1.99% for the initial six months on transferred cash to this card.

How does the card work?

A credit card gives you a chance to get a cash rebate on daily spending, which is offered when you purchase a certain percentage of money on the purchases. This rebate comes as a credit on the credit card statement at the end of the year. You may also decide to receive the credit as a cheque or deposit into a bank account. There are no limits on how you want to use the credit, that is, you may decide to use it for travel, savings or in merchandise. This card does not require annual payment for one to earn profit. Apart from cash back, this card is also perfect for a balance transfer. People carrying balance can easily switch to this cash back credit card. His kind of cash transfer helps you to decrease your debts on your credit card and also gives you a chance to earn cash back rewards.

Where to use the card in Canada

Even though this card is among the top credit cards in Canada, many people have a misconception that a few merchants only accept it. This misconception makes them hesitant to register. The truth is that this card is accepted in many stores since 2017. Some of the places you can use these cards include:

  • Gas stations such as Pioneer Gas, Petro Canada, Fas Gas, Ultramar, Shell Canada and Irving Oil
  • Retail shops such as Indigo Chapters, Apple, Lowe’s, H&M, Hudson’s, Staples and HomeSence, among others.
  • Restaurants such as Starbucks, McDonald’s and Burger King among others
  • Travel agencies like WestJet, Budget, Air Transat, Starwood Hotels, Celebrity Cruises and Flight Centre
  • Grocery stores such as Metro, Sobeys, Rabba, Longo’s, Safeway, Pusateri’s, Walmart Supercenter,7-Eleven, Whole Foods Markets and Federated Co-op


To qualify for his credit card, you need to be a Canadian resident with a good credit score. You may be asked to provide income, employment and bank account details during the application. This means that people looking to earn cash back consistently but do not qualify for other premium cards can quickly obtain his card to earn cash back.

In conclusion, the Amex SimplyCash card can be a good option for people seeking to earn cash back without necessarily settling for making cash back rates on their eligible purchases. This card can help you to receive benefits without much hassle depending on your spending habits as well as your financial situation. A Bonsai Finance, our financial experts can evaluate your financial needs to help you make an appropriate choice concerning this credit card.