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AmEx Air Miles Review

AmEx Air Miles | Credit Card Review

The Air Miles reward system is very, very popular; 81% of Canadian households use the Air Miles program in some way. If you want your household to be one of them, one of the easiest ways to do this is to get the credit card we’ll be delving into in this AmEx Air Miles credit card review.

Get easy access to the popular Air Miles reward program with this standard American Express credit card.


General Information

You Are Interested IfYou want a simple credit card that you might just get a few rewards out of too.
Brief DescriptionThis is a basic Air Miles travel card that anyone can use to get some free air fare, hotel accommodations or merchandise.
Main RequirementsYou don’t need much in terms of income to qualify for this card, and even the credit guidelines only ask for a mediocre credit score. In other words, it’s very easy to get.

Card Details

NetworkAmerican Express.
ProviderAmerican Express.
Card TypeLike all Air Miles cards, this is ostensibly a travel card, but it can double as a rewards card just as easily.

Fees and Interest

Purchase Interest RateNormal use of this credit card for purchases will cost 19.99% in interest.
Cash AdvanceThis type of credit charge incurs 22.99% in interest yearly.
Balance TransferBalance transfers can only be performed with this card when it is first obtained, at which point promotional rates will apply. When that promotional period is over, however, you’ll be paying the 22.99% cash advance rate on any remaining balance.


Income Requirements$15,000 a year or more in income is all you need to potentially qualify for this card.
Household Income RequirementsThis card only looks at individual income in the application process, so household income is irrelevant.
Annual FeeThis is a completely free card, so you’ll never pay to have one of your own.


Welcome BonusYou can get 500 Air Miles to start off with by spending $500 or more in 3 months, and you can also pay only 1.99% interest on balance transfers for 6 months after you apply.
How To Earn PointsSpending 15$ at Air Miles sponsors will earn you 1 Air Mile; meanwhile, it will take $20 in spending to earn that same Mile at any other merchant or vendor.
BenefitsThis card comes with membership in the American Express Invites program and the Insider Access program, fun bonus reward programs that get you entries into contests for event tickets as well as other special offers. The usual $100,000 of travel accident insurance that American Express includes with almost all cards is included here too, and you’ll of course get the purchase protection you’d expect from any card.

About AmEx Air Miles Credit Card

Main Features

We’ll quickly go over this card’s interest rates just to lay the initial groundwork for this AmEx Air Miles credit card review; typical purchases and cash advances are charged 19.99% and 22.99% interest respectively. With that out of the way, we can discuss the rewards available here. Every $20 of expenses charged to this card will earn 1 Air Mile point for you. This isn’t a very high rate, but the versatility of these points makes up for that somewhat. You’ll earn points faster ($15 for 1 Air Mile) by shopping at any of the many Air Miles partner businesses, including big-name retail brands like Cineplex, Sobey’s, Rona and The Gap.

Not only can you gain rewards at an accelerated rate at these places, but you can also redeem your points for some money off your next purchase at any of these same stores. You can also use your points to buy plane tickets in whole or in part, or for things like movie tickets. The exact value of a single Air Mile varies depending on what you’re using it for, so be sure to check the current trade-in value before you spend any points on any merchandise or services; some places will offer a better deal than others. We can’t cover them all in this AmEx Air Miles credit card review, but you’re sure to find an option that appeals to you.

Even though this is a basic free card, it still includes a few benefits that we want to outline in this AmEx Air Miles credit card review. Since this is an American Express card, we all expect it to come with purchase protection and a bit of travel accident insurance, and indeed it does. It also allows you to participate in the American Express Invites program, as many cards also do. One nice addition to this particular card is the Air Miles Insider access program to double up on the entertainment and celebrity-meeting potential.


While it’s nothing spectacular, it’s clear from this AmEx Air Miles credit card review that this card is more than acceptable for most users. The interest rates are passable, the rewards are sufficient and easy to use, and there are even a few pleasant perks thrown in to sweeten the deal. As long as you keep in mind that a card of this calibre will never be able to top the more exclusive options, you’ll be able to appreciate the usefulness of this one.

About American Express

American Express is an extremely well-known and extremely influential credit card provider focused around luxury travel rewards. Unlike many providers, they run their own network that they also partner with other financial institutions on occasion. Both the American and Canadian divisions of this company have been named some of the best places to work by both Fortune and Mediacorp, and they continue to post extremely strong revenues each year: they are estimated to have made $33.47 billion in 2017.

What We Think

The American Express Air Miles credit card is the quintessential basic travel credit card, and it’s as serviceable as ever. Many consumers will want more from their credit card than this card will be able to provide, but most of them already know that and won’t give this card a second thought. On the other hand, if you’re taking the time to read this, you’ll probably be very happy adding this card to your collection. It’s exactly what you think of when you hear the words ‘reward card.’