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BMO Rewards Introduction
18 Dec 2018

An Introduction to BMO Rewards

The BMO credit cards are some of the cards with an array of attractive features. Among the most interesting of these features are the BMO rewards.

Though credit cards are not necessarily sources of extra income, the BMO rewards credit cards are designed in a program that rewards you on everything that you purchase using the cards. These rewards come in three different ways. These include travel rewards, cash back or flexible rewards.

From which BMO cards can you earn rewards?

There are three BMO rewarding credit cards that one may consider. From each card you can earn rewards in the form of cash back, travel reward points or even AIR MILES depending on the card to which you have subscribed. These cards are:

  • BMO Cash Back World Elite MasterCard
  • BMO Air Miles World Elite MasterCard
  • BMO World Elite MasterCard

How do the reward credit cards work?

Each of the above cards works differently. Let’s break down how each of them works.

  • BMO Cash Back World Elite MasterCard

This card is designed to reward the cardholder with cash back on every purchase they make using the card. This card offers a no annual fee. When you sign up for the card, you are able to get 5% cash back on all your purchases for the initial 3 months. After this, you earn 1.5% cash back on your purchases. The card offers different options for redeeming the cash back. It is easy to earn cash back with this card and you can decide when to redeem the cash back. The card has other benefits such as travel insurance.

  • The BMO World Elite MasterCard

If you travel often, the BMO World Elite MasterCard is the card for you. If you work within its dictates, you are able to earn great travel rewards. With every $1 you spent on travel, entertainment or dining using this card, you are awarded three points. All the other purchases earn you two points on every $1 you spend. The BMO reward on this card can be used not only for flights but also any other kind of travels.

  • BMO AIR MILES World Elite MasterCard

This card works best for individuals who are interested in collecting AIR MILES with their regular spending. There are stores that offer AIR MILES and are therefore suitable places to shop using this card. Among the reward advantages, you can enjoy with this card includes 3,000 AIR MILES bonus upon signing up and one-time cash back of a champion flight. This card allows the cardholders to enjoy rewards such as eVouchers on cash rewards and dream rewards on travel.

How to Maximize Your BMO Rewards

In order to maximize your rewards, you need to consider the following:

  • Choose the appropriate card

As pointed earlier, each of the reward cards works best for a particular group of people. You, therefore, need to know which category you are and the card that best suits you.

  • Maximize the points you earn

Always use your BMO credit cards to charge any purchase you make. This helps you to increase the rate at which you earn the points. Since these cards have higher interest rates, you need to be cautious and be able to clear off your card balances with all the purchases.

  • Research

It is good to shop around in order to get the card that offers you the lowest prices. With this, you will get an effective value on your points.

BMOrewards are offered in a very simple program. The individuals who are seeking to benefit from this program must, however, understand how it works. The points are earned through the purchases you make using the cards. These points can be redeemed for various services including flights as well as other commodities and services. Contact us at Bonsai Finance for more information on these cards and more.