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Payday Loans Canada No Credit Check Worth It
14 Apr 2019

Are Payday Loans Canada No Credit Check Worth It?

In almost all cases, borrowing money requires you to undergo and pass a credit check in order to be approved. You have the option of getting payday loans Canada no credit check to get around this, but should you take it? The answer is yes, at least in certain scenarios. Read on and we’ll tell you more about what those scenarios are so you can judge if these loans are a good solution to the problems you’re facing.

High Costs Call For Caution

The main risk to watch out for with payday loans Canada no credit check is that they are usually very expensive to take out. If you’re not having your credit checked, you’re leaving your lender with no way to tell if you are worth lending to or not. This will usually lead them to charge you high interest rates just in case, allowing them to secure the income they need to keep going.

The very highest interest rate that a lender can legally charge on a payday loan is 60%, at least under federal laws (provinces can also regulate loan guidelines independently, and most do). This means that you’ll never be paying more than that amount even when dealing with payday loans Canada no credit check, but you should be ready to pay very close to the legal limit regardless. It goes without saying that this can make these loans a huge burden to pay off, and the strain they put you under only grows if you fail to meet your fast-approaching repayment deadline. This is why you should only take out payday loans Canada no credit check when you’ve weighed their benefits against that cost.

The Benefits of Skipping the Credit Check

The main reason why people choose to use loans that don’t ask for a credit check is because they specifically want to skip that part of the borrowing process. The usual reason for this is that you have very bad credit. It’s very possible for your credit to be bad enough that there is no question that you won’t be able to pass a credit check if you have to undergo one. For these people, payday loans Canada no credit check are not just an option, they’re a necessity. You don’t necessarily have to have mishandled your credit in the past to be in this situation either – in some cases, having no credit can be equally damaging and might be a good reason to want to skip the credit check too. It is less universally damaging to have no credit than to have poor credit, however, so you may want to apply to regular loans first in those situations and see how you do. No credit check loans will always be there waiting for you if you decide that you need them.

Keeping Things Simple For Your Convenience

Another positive thing that omitting the credit check accomplishes is that it reduces the complexity of the loan and its associated paperwork (which may be online documents instead of physical papers). Lending is a serious arrangement that needs to be done carefully in order for the lender not to lose money, and as such most loans come with extensive rules, regulations and limitations to make sure that everything goes to the satisfaction of both parties.

Opting for loans that do not ask for a credit check cuts down on a lot of this extra information because it completely removes credit as a factor in the lending process, leaving only questions of income and employment as significant influences. This is especially important for seniors and other people who may lack the energy or ability to understand everything that is written on a ream of forms. These people can get the money they need with little hassle and not have to struggle through the process or wonder if they missed anything in the fine print that they didn’t manage to grasp completely, and they may feel that that peace of mind is worth paying a little extra for. In those cases, it’s great to have no credit check loans as an option to turn to.

Speed Is a Factor, Too

When people take out a payday loan, they usually want to get their money sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, getting a loan is never as simple as saying you want one and having someone hand you the money. There are a lot of time-consuming checks for you to go through and in many cases, you won’t get your money for 24 hours or more. Things are a little different with no credit check loans. The credit check is one of the parts of the lending agreement that requires some administration time, so removing it helps to cut down on those delays. The whole process of getting a loan with no credit check is usually done online, too, making it even easier to finish up in a hurry. If you really need to get your money fast, these loans are often among your best options. Since any delays might sometimes cost you dearly in terms of finances or comfort, paying a little more money to speed things up is not always a bad idea.

Dozens of Payday Loans Canada No Credit Check Available Online

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