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Walmart Rewards Card
18 Mar 2019

Could You Use the Walmart Rewards Card?

Many retailers have extended their operations into offering credit cards that provide rewards specifically locked for use in their own stores only. Most of those can be a bit too difficult to use to warrant much serious consideration. For reasons that we’ll get into below, the Walmart Rewards Card is one of the best of these retailer-specific cards and may even be one of the better credit card options period for many people.

Earn Store Credit at a Decent Pace

The most important part of most credit cards is the rewards they offer, and this card is no different. The base reward rate on this card is a flat 1% back in Walmart reward dollars (essentially store credit). This reward rate isn’t mindboggling or anything; many other cards match it or even exceed it at times. However, it does significantly surpass the usual 0.5% cash back reward rate that it would be reasonable to expect here. You can do even better when you shop at Walmart stores or at, earning 1.25% back in reward dollars instead. Since you probably wouldn’t be interested in this card at all if you didn’t shop there at least somewhat often, you will probably have plenty of opportunities to earn your reward dollars at this slightly accelerated rate.

Buy Anything You Want At Any Walmart Location

Once you have a small sum of reward dollars, you can use them at the point of sale at any Walmart store and on any purchase of your choosing. As long as you can buy it at Walmart, you can use your rewards to get it. You can also redeem your reward dollars in increments as small as just $5 at a time, though you can obviously use more than that if you choose to as well. This is unusual because most rewards programs demand that you wait to redeem until you have at least $10 or $20’s worth of points, sometimes as many as $50. The lower limit makes it much easier to get some use out of your points more frequently and to make it feel worthwhile to have the card even if you aren’t able to use it as much as you would like.

Is the Limitation Worth It?

Since this card’s rewards are limited in their use, you might be wondering if that makes this card a worse deal than a standard reward or cash back credit card. The precise answer to that depends on your shopping habits, but for virtually all Canadians, this card will still be more than worth your while. Walmart isn’t like other retailers in terms of what it stocks on its shelves. It has no particular specialty product category, instead opting to cover all the bases just in case. This makes your reward dollars much more versatile than you might expect them to be, because they can be used to buy anything from groceries to clothing to car equipment. Having to find a Walmart retailer to spend the rewards is also not an issue. There are store locations all over Canada, even in rural areas, so you’ll never have trouble finding a place to spend your rewards. If you really have trouble, though, you can spend your rewards online instead and have your items shipped to you. All in all, this card’s rewards barely have any limitations at all, assuming you have no objections to shopping with this particular retailer.

Open Up To the Walmart Rewards Card

This card may not be the most multipurpose in concept, but in execution, it’s a great card that is more versatile than it appears and that offers some pleasant consumer freedom. Remember, you can apply for the Walmart Rewards Card and many other credit cards like it through our easy online portal. Give it a try now and see what you’ve been missing out on.