Credit cards for bad credit

Credit cards for bad credit may not be as common as cards for people with mediocre or good credit, but with the right guidance, you can find suitable offers with forgiving rates that will help you get your finances back on track. With a new credit card in hand, you’ll the convenience of credit back and get the chance to start to regain the trust of conventional lenders.

Bad Credit Makes Your Life Difficult

Regardless of your credit status, it’s almost not an option to go without a credit card today. It’s rare to have a job for life now, so you never know when you might need a little advance to cover your household expenses. Further, paying with credit cards is becoming more and more popular with the rise of e-commerce, self-checkouts and other situations in which cash is not useful. It also goes without saying that you’ll want to rebuild your credit in service of future borrowing options. Lenders may be wary of the potential risk you pose to their funds, but you can’t let that stop you from seeking out a solution. Bonsai Finance can be your guide through the sticky situation that is bad credit.

Finding Credit Cards for Bad Credit in Canada

It’s not easy having bad credit when you need a new credit card. You’re short on options and don’t have time to waste, so waiting for lenders to inspect and process your application can be extremely frustrating when it drags on for weeks. That’s time you could have spent not worrying about what might happen to you if you encountered any emergency expenses without credit behind you, or even building up your credit score again. You need to have your new card in your hands as soon as possible, without all the unnecessary processing time and hold-ups.

We know time is important to you during this taxing period of your life, so we’ve focused on streamlining the credit card application process for our clients. Our lenders’ processes feature nearly guaranteed and instant approval credit cards for bad credit, giving you the reassurance you need to feel confident as you move forward with your life. There’s only a short wait – no hassle, and no prolonged uncertainty. You typically get access to a line of credit within just a few days, and with it, you’ll be able to regain your financial freedom.

Finding Credit Cards for Bad Credit in Canada

Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit in Canada

When lenders have doubts about their credit applicants, they often require a little more from them in terms of collateral. That’s why a common choice for people in this situation is to apply for a secured credit card with a line of credit that matches the initial deposit they must make. Since bad credit often means you might be a little short on money, these may not be the best option for you, but there’s good news: these cards are available with no up-front deposit. You’ll only be responsible for interest charges and any applicable annual fees when you use them, just like any other credit card on the market. This means you’ll be minimally affected by your current troubled credit standing and be able to work on restoring your credit at little immediate cost to you.

A New Card, Just a Few Clicks Away

As previously mentioned, we at Bonsai Finance know that bad credit can seriously complicate your life; that’s why we want you to know we’ve got your back. With our assistance, you’ll get your credit card use back and enjoy all of the following conveniences too:

  • No deposit required
  • Get approved fast
  • Your credit score won’t be an issue
  • We do all the legwork for you

You can’t afford to keep your bad credit forever. Instead, you can get to work on rebuilding it with credit cards for bad credit found through Bonsai Finance.