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best airmiles credit cards
5 Jul 2018

Do you Know the Best Airmiles Credit Cards?

There are all kinds of greats rewards credit cards out on the market today. However, if you travel frequently, be it for work or pleasure, the one you want is an airmiles rewards card. It is the best way to earn points that can translate into travel cash. When scouring the market for the best airmiles credit cards, you want to make sure you are getting only the best one for accumulating points.

What are airmiles?

Airmiles are a rewards system designed for travelers. It is a way to gain points and translate those points to travel cash. You can use airmiles to help cover the cost of flights, get discounts on hotel and car rentals as well as discounts on other purchases. 

What is the criteria for the best airmiles credit cards?

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must have regular, verifiable income
  • Most cases, must have fair to good credit

With so many credit cards out there that offer airmiles rewards, how do you know which one is the best one? Here at Bonsai Finance, we can help you decipher one card from the next to optimize your rewards earning potential.

Here are 3 of the best airmiles credit cards out there that you can take a look at:

MBNA rewards elite mastercard

This card has an annual fee of $89 and it’s point system is typically used for reducing the cost of travel expenses. Also, there is the potential for earning cash back on travel.

You can earn points fairly quickly with this particular card. You get 2 points for every dollar spent on day to day purchases. Plus, there is a 10k points sign on bonus when you make your first purchase.

RBC visa infinite avion

Though it’s annual fee is a bit higher at $120, it is waived for the first year you have the card. It also comes with a great insurance policy that has travel cancellation protection, flight delay reimbursement and even 15 days unlimited medical coverage when abroad.

The sign on bonus is 15k points, which is enough for a short round trip. Plus, you can earn 1 point for every dollar spent using your credit card.

The Scotiabank gold American express card

This one has an annual fee of $99 and a decent personal income minimum that makes it easier to attain. However, of the best airmiles credit cards, this one allows you to maximize the ratio of points to dollar when using it for every day purchases.

This card has a great sign on bonus of points and allows you earn 4 points for every dollar spent at places like restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores and the movies.

When looking for the best airmiles credit cards on the market, it can be difficult to decipher which card will suit your needs best. Many have great rewards options that have perks that are appealing.

How Bonsai Finance can help

  • Provide complete transparency on terms and conditions.
  • Seek out reputable lenders only.
  • Help you balance your needs with the lending options on the market.

You can be quickly overwhelmed with all there is to learn about the best airmiles credit cards. When you look online, you can be provided with a slew of information that can make weaving through it all time consuming and difficult.

Here at Bonsai Finance our experts can help you find the best airmiles credit cards for you and your needs. We will listen to what you want and only offer the best lenders as options for you.

When looking for the best airmiles credit cards out there, let us at Bonsai Finance help you. You want to be able to maximize your points earning potential with a card that suits your day to day usage. Let us seek out the best lender for you.

Choosing the Air Miles Credit Card That’s Right For You

Now that you know a little more about the Air Miles program and some of the cards that are part of it, you might want to start thinking about finding your best match from among that selection. What card will suit you best depends on many individual factors, including:

  • Your spending habits – If you know that most of your money has to go toward necessities and that you don’t tend to spend much on entertainment or eating out, you’ll want to pick a card that rewards you with extra points for spending on basics like gas and groceries, not one that applies those bonuses to discretionary spending. If your spending habits run the other way, of course, it makes sense to reverse that and look for a card that will earn you extra Air Miles at restaurants and entertainment venues. Both types of cards are out there, but only one will be ideal for each type of person. Be sure that you know which type you are before you start choosing cards.
  • What kind of benefits you want – Another big consideration when picking an Air Miles credit card is what type of benefits you’ll be able to get. Lesser cards come with no benefits, or perhaps a bit of auto rental insurance to make them a more enticing prospect. Mid-range cards might include some travel insurance too, and maybe some extras like free lounge passes on occasion. The cards in the highest tier usually round things out with some emergency medical coverage to keep you safe and well cared-for on your travels. Since you’ll probably be travelling using your rewards, it might be smart to choose a card that will make those trips a little more secure and worthwhile. It’s all a matter of personal choice, though.
  • What you can qualify for – You must know by now that not every applicant can qualify for every credit card. Income and credit score requirements block out a significant numbers of potential applicants when you get to the cards in the higher tiers. If your credit score is not the best around or your income is somewhat low, you may not qualify for all the cards that you could want. You might be able to get the ones with requirements that are just slightly more demanding than the base level ones, though, so don’t lose heart just because you fall short of what’s being asked for in the application process for elite cards. You could still do very well with a mid-level card that might be a more realistic prospect for you.
  • Whether you want to pay an annual fee – As noted above, many Air Miles cards require you to pay annual fee to use them. There are some that don’t, but they are generally outnumbered by the cards that do. Some of these fees can be fairly substantial, even reaching into the triple digits at the very highest levels, so it’s important that you pay attention to this when you’re choosing cards. Generally, the ones with the best benefits and rewards also charge the fees, so be aware of this if you’re planning to set your sights on a card that sits above the entry-level tiers.

Apply Quickly and Easily, All Online

If you think you’re ready to pick out your own new Air Miles credit card, consider letting Bonsai Finance help you. We’ll show you the full range of Air Miles credit cards out there and the relevant details for each. Take a closer look at the line of Air Miles credit card options available to Canadians and see which one catches your eye; you could have an application for it filled out and ready to submit in just a few minutes right there in our portal. If you want to get your Air Miles card fast and be sure that you’ve chosen the right one, we’re one of your best options for making sure that happens.