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TD Business Travel Visa
16 Mar 2019

Fly High With Great Benefits and Rewards Through the TD Business Travel Visa

Running or working for a small business often requires a lot of time and money spent on traveling, usually on planes. You can use the TD Business Travel Visa to earn rewards you can put toward money off on your travel expenses and to keep yourself and your belongings safe on your trips.

Earn Free Flights With the TD Business Travel Visa

Since this is a premium card, you’d expect rewards to be fairly easy to get, and in this case you would be right. You’ll do best in terms of rewards when you’re paying for travel expenses; you could get 9 points per dollar you spend by booking travel through or 6 points per dollar for booking through TD on the phone. Otherwise, you’ll earn 3 points per dollar.

Not only will you earn plenty of points to keep you travelling for less just by spending as you usually would, but you will also start with an incredible 90,000 points – 30,000 for making your first purchase, another 30,000 for spending at least $5,000 in your first 90 days, and the last 30,000 for having an existing TD personal credit card or TD small business banking account. If you qualify for all 3 portions of this offer, you’ll have the equivalent of over $400 in potential travel rebates, which can really help you stretch a strained travel budget.

Travel In Comfort With Excellent Benefits

Beyond these many opportunities to save on flights, this card will also give you some helpful insurance coverage to make sure that you can always get to your destination on time and in good health. The full range of benefits to enjoy here includes travel medical insurance to keep your costs low if you get sick or injured while away from home, common carrier accident insurance, trip or flight delay insurance and baggage delay insurance. It also comes with a few benefits you can use at home, namely membership in the Visa SavingsEdge program that may allow you to save some extra money on things like office supplies and food stores for the break room. When you’re part of a small business, every little bit counts, and those small rebates are sure to add up over time.

Be Aware of the Costs

The only real downside to this TD business card is that it can be a bit expensive for smaller companies to really take advantage of. First of all, you will need to be ready to pay the $149 annual fee that comes with this card. That is not a small cost to pay, especially when you factor in the additional $49 you will also have to pay if you would like to get another card for someone else to use. Because it’s a card meant for business, you will likely want to make use of that offer, so that makes the effective annual fee even higher than it already appears. The introductory also includes the ability to have the fee for the initial card and one other waived for the first year, but that limits you to two cards only and still does not cover the other years where those fees will still be due. The card has the potential to more than surpass these costs in terms of value, but only if you use it consistently and in cases where you are spending a lot. Be certain that that is the case for you before you apply.

The TD Business Travel Visa Could Be Yours

You now know what the TD Business Travel Visa has to offer, and you can apply for it at any time through Bonsai Finance. It will be a very swift undertaking that you can count on being done and over with in just a few minutes. You’ll be expected to provide some proof that you do in fact operate a small business, so be prepared for that – otherwise, you can expect the entire process to be a cinch.