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Money With iCash
5 Jun 2019

Getting Small Amounts of Money Fast is Easy With iCash

Choosing a lender for payday loans is a delicate balancing process that forces you to weigh many pros and cons; you want to choose a lender that can work quickly, effectively and personably, but you’ll often have to sacrifice at least one of these things. iCash allows you to avoid having to compromise too much during this process. They are a very well-rounded lender that boasts particular advantages in their speed and their willingness to accept borrowers who are often turned down elsewhere.

Looking Over the Fundamentals

Applying for a loan with iCash takes just a few minutes. All processing and verification are done automatically by online algorithms, so there’s no chance of human biases ever getting you denied for the loan you’re after. If you have the financial profile to qualify for one, you will. You can borrow up to $1,500 with a max APR of 109.50% if you have the income and credit to qualify for it, but ultimately you’ll only get whatever the lender’s algorithms say that you can be cleared for. A credit check will be performed as part of this process, but it’s only weighed very lightly during the decision-making stage. The specifics of the final loan offer they give you is the only one you’ll ever get, completely final and unchangeable (their website spells out specifically that their customer service representatives cannot alter any of the details of your loan agreement even if you ask them to, so you know they are firm on that count).  When it comes to repaying that debt, you’ll be paying it back automatically, but you’ll be able to choose between two different equally-priced payment plans that let you repay over 1, 2 or 3 paydays as needed. There is no longer term than that available.

Serving Customers at Lightning Speed

The main noteworthy thing about this lender is their speed; if you need things done in a hurry, you can count on them to make it happen. Completing an online application for their loans can take as little as 5-10 minutes if you’re organized and do it all in one sitting, and it will take approximately 1 to 4 hours (usually on the lower end of things) for everything to be reviewed and verified (this is the only part of the process that involves human input, so when there are many cases to deal with or fewer staff members than usual, things slow down a little). All you need to do after that is sign the electronic documents they send you. If you then choose to receive your funds by e-transfer, you could actually have them in your hands in as little as 5 minutes after signing the loan agreement.

By using automated online processes and forbidding most interference from their human customer service representatives, they are able to deliver exceptionally fast service that still stays consistent in its high quality even when you’re rushing through it. You can also apply for a loan and be approved at any time, day or night and even on holidays. That’s the kind of speed guarantee you can depend on.

Alternative Income Sources Are No Problem

Another benefit of choosing this specific lender is that they are much less picky when it comes to your income sources than you’ll find is usually the case. Most lenders will insist that the income you report to them in order to apply for your loan be from a job – in many cases, not even self-employment income will do. This one is much more open-minded on that front. As long as you have a net monthly income of at least $800, iCash will consider your application, no matter where that money came from. This means that people who depend on social assistance programs, pensions or disability payments for most of their general income can potentially make use of these loans when many others would be out of reach for them.

If you’ve ever been in that situation and needed some extra money, you’ll know how uplifting it can be to even just be given a chance. Most people with this type of income don’t receive much per month and won’t qualify for much as a result, but it won’t hurt to apply and see what you can get. You won’t wait long to hear what the final decision was, either, which is another really good thing since you’re likely to be nervous about the outcome. Everything about this lender makes them a great choice for people who have a hard time borrowing from other lenders due to the way they get their income.

What Do People Think of iCash?

Looking at consumer reviews only makes this lender look even more appealing; they boast a stellar and highly consistent Trustpilot rating that most other lenders would love to have for themselves. The vast majority of users give them 5 full stars and a great written recommendation to go along with that rating, usually singling out how swift they are and how easy the whole process is. Any loan provider is going to have some complaints associated with them, but here they’re very much in the minority. If you want to see those high ratings corroborated somewhere else, iCash also publishes user reviews on their website, too. While you wouldn’t want to assume that those were entirely reliable right from the start (it would only be good business sense for a lender to post only positive reviews even if they have very few of them coming in), the fact that they stand alongside these other high ratings suggests that they are genuine and a good indication of what you might enjoy if you borrowed from this lender too.

Should You Settle on iCash Loans?

iCash loans are not a bad deal in general, so they’re always worth a look as long as you don’t need more than $1,500 in cash. However, they are even more worthy of your consideration if what you’re looking for is loans that are both fast and flexible. You’ll find few lenders who can claim to beat them in speed and even fewer who will also work with non-traditional applicants. You can trust them to come through for you in tricky situations and that makes them worthy of your business if you feel inclined to give it to them.