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Getting the right installment loans Canada
19 Jan 2019

Getting the Right Installment Loans Canada

It is not always possible for one to have enough cash for all their needs.  Sometimes, you will need installment loans Canada to counter your unpredictable needs for instant cash.

While you may always try to keep your expenses within your limits, there may occur unplanned expenses in life at any time. These may be caused by such needs as vacation, investment opportunity, home or car repair and so many more. These and many other unplanned expenses could leave you in a financial crisis. Fortunately, installment loans Canada can one of your lifesavers.

How do installment loans in Canada work?

Installment loans are personal loans with a fixed amount which lenders offer to individuals to be repaid on regular intervals of equal amounts. The regular repayments are referred to as installments. These installments may differ with the type of loan offered to you as well as the lender you choose to work with.

How to get the right installment loan for you

  • Consider the urgency and the amount of loan for which you want to apply. For instance, if you need an instant loan, online installment loans might work better for you. However, if you do not need the money urgently and the amount is quite a lot, you may consider other institutions such as banks.
  • It is also important to consider the annual percentage rates. This is a combination of the interest rates and the charges associated with the loans.
  • While there are many lenders advertising attractive offers, not all of them may be suitable for your financial situation. You should, therefore, shop around to find the most suitable lender.

Sources of installment loans

Here are some of the sources that you may consider when looking for installment loans in Canada:

  • Online loan lenders- Online lenders provide an easy way when looking for installment loans. Other than having a simple and quick application process, they are the most convenient source. The lenders also accept applications from people with bad credit. It is also easy for one to manage the process of loan repayment.
  • Credit unions- One can also apply for an installment loan from a credit union if they are a member of one. With credit union loans, the advantage is that they involve low-interest rates. Their terms of payment are also negotiable.
  • Financial institutions- You may also seek installment loans in Canada from the other financial institutions such as banks. Though they may have lower rates and better terms, banks require complex application processes, documentation and credit checks. This may lock many borrowers out seeking for a loan when they do not meet the requirements.

How can installment loans Canada build your credit?

Installment loans can be used by individuals to improve their credit score. To build credit score using these loans, you need to borrow regular times and repay in good time. By taking small loans, your credit score can grow through:

  • Long history of borrowing- this is possible when you keep borrowing from lenders who report your borrowing behaviors to the credit agencies.
  • Payment history- since small loans are affordable, you are able to pay in good time hence growing your history in terms of good payments.
  • You can also use secured and unsecured installment loans in your account thus creating diversity.

How can Bonsai Finance help?

When you work with us at Bonsai Finance, we can evaluate your financial problem and connect you to one of the many partner lenders. Our partners are the most reputable lenders hence we ensure that you get your loan with the least trouble. We also assist you in the entire application process. Installment loans Canada can solve many financial problems to most Canadians. If you are in need of a loan, do not hesitate to try out these loans. Contact us today and we will be at your disposable for any financial guidance.