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GoDay Loans Review
18 Sep 2018

GoDay Loans

Traditional financial institutions have strict requirements when it comes to loans. You might find that you do not meet the requirements and have your loan request denied. There are other institutions that will give you the money you need when you need it. GoDay is one of those institutions. GoDay Loans is the place where you get the financial assistance you need when you cannot get access to traditional bank loans.

GoDay provide both short term and long term loans. They are the fastest payday loans providers in Canada.

You are interested if

You are in need of a loan but due to your bad credit score, you cannot get the loan from a bank or any other traditional lenders. GoDay loans are also for those in need of instant cash and do not have enough time to wait for the long processing by traditional lenders.


Key Points

Brief Description GoDay provide both short term and long term loans. They are the fastest payday loans providers in Canada.
Limits and Deadlines You can borrow amounts ranging from $50 to $1,500 which has a grace period of up to 24 months depending on the type of loan.
Urgency The loans can be obtained in as short time as one hour of application and approval.
APR Range GoDay loans have a rate of between 3% to 56% depending on your situation.
Closing/Origination Fees Closing fee may apply depending on the amount borrowed.
Early Payment Fees There is no information on early payoff or any fee associated.
How to Contract the Product Apply through GoDay loans online application, visit their offices, OR Call them via 1-888-984-6329.
Main requirements
  • One needs to be 18 years or older than that.
  • One needs to have a regular source of income.
  • One should have a bank account.

About GoDay loans

Main Features

Whether you earn a little or a lot, GoDay Loans cater to every financial group. Everyone who has a regular income and meets their requirements can apply for a personal loan. There are times you need to get some extra cash to solve a problem or an emergency arises. You can get a loan without the hindrances of traditional lending institutions. As long as you have verifiable income, you can easily access personal loans.

There are a variety of lending options available and the terms are flexible. You can get different solutions through their bad credit loans, benefit loans among others. Most lenders do not offer their clients the flexibility and loan variety that Go Day loans do. While most financial institutions shy away from anyone with a bad credit score, they are willing to give you a loan and help you rebuild your damaged credit score.

GoDay loans are advantageous for a number of reasons. First, the loans are unsecured  therefore do not require collateral. Secondly, they do not check your credit score. Thirdly the application process is online therefore convenient. Finally, GoDay loans provide quick approval. There is, however, the downside to GoDay loans which is that they are subject to regulation by the government where you cannot borrow over the limit set for your province. GoDay loans are also not available to those who have filed for bankruptcy and have not been discharged and those who have been issued with consumer proposals. The loans are not available to those who have outstanding loans or have defaulted loans borrowed from other payday loan companies. Like most lenders in Canada GoDay have a zero tolerance policy for those who have outstanding payday loans.

GoDay loans have a simple and straightforward repayment method. As long as your income is regular and can be verified, the loan can be deducted from your bank account. The process is automated and the amount is deducted from your account on a specific date. You will not have control over the payments but you can determine how many additional payments you will make and how they will be made.

The arrangement has been put in place to ensure that you make your additional payments at your discretion. However, the important thing when it comes to repayments is to pay them on time. Failure to do so attracts an interest from the lender and you will end up paying extra charges at your bank.

There are no standard rates when it comes to late payments for personal loans. They expect you to always comply with the conditions set when you were applying for the personal loan. This is why the rates are customized depending on your ability so you can afford them. Situations might occur where you are unable to repay your loan on time. When this happens, additional charges for late payment will be issued at the discretion of the credit company.

How does it work?

It is easy to apply for the loans through GoDay. One does not need to go to their location as in the case of traditional lenders. Instead, you can apply online. The online process is simple and it only takes a short time to know if your loan request has been approved.

You need to fill the online application on their website. You also need to choose the loan amount. Most people are worried about their credit information being available online. However, you can be sure that your information will be secure and will remain confidential. Once the financial experts from GoDay do their checks, they will respond and tell you if they need any additional information.

Most lenders will make a decision within 24 hours but GoDay is quite fast in responding to your request. You will get a quicker response depending on the time you submit your application. The online portal is accessible at all hours of the day. However, you might get a delayed response if you submit your application towards or after normal business hours. They also offer loan protection options to assist you in case you get into financial trouble and cannot repay your loan. They will recommend this option since it protects your credit score from receiving further damage due to unforeseen events.


The flexible payment method and duration is one of the outstanding features of GoDay loans. The amount borrowed can be repaid within 24 months. GoDay also does not focus on your credit score of the borrower. Even if you have a poor credit score, they will give you the loan you request as long as you meet their requirements. Since they are not as strict as traditional financial institutions, they have managed to help many Canadians through tough financial times.

Also, the lender offers support at all times. GoDay are understanding and if you have a difficult time repaying your loan, you can talk to them and agree on new terms. You will learn the options you have and you will constantly receive advice with regard to your loan.

Having a bad credit score can limit your access to loan facilities. Applying for payday loans from GoDay is one of the best ways you can finance yourself without having to worry about your credit score. All you need is to be a Canadian resident over 18 years and have a regular source of income.


GoDay is a firm that operates in several locations all over Canada. They have offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Kitchener, Regina, Ajax, Kington, Ottawa, Oakville, Pickering and Saskatoon. Therefore, if you prefer face to face operations, you can visit them there. GoDay has established themselves as customer oriented lender and considering that their loans do not require a lot of qualifications, they are ideal for anyone looking to finance an urgent financial need. If you are approaching GoDay with a bad credit scored you can rest assured that they have a loan for you and will be ready to assist you to build credibility through growing your credit score for the better. With their support, you will eventually be able to apply for other higher loans.

What we think

It is not easy to predict one’s financial future. However, that should not limit any person from living and continuing with their activities because they cannot access personal loans. GoDay loans are a good start to support yourself especially since they do not have any hidden charges and the payment process is transparent. Those with low credit scores can improve their ratings by repaying their loans. This will increase their options of getting additional financing. Do not let yourself be limited when you can easily access the money you need. Feel free to borrow a personal loan today and get started on the journey towards financial freedom. The process is easy and convenient as you can apply at any time. Whether you have a poor credit score or not, the personal loan is available for you. The fact that you can apply for GoDay loans online makes them convenient and you can be assured that your information is safe and secured. If GoDay loans sound like what you are looking for then head on to their website to learn more about their loans.