Guaranteed credit cards

In this day and age credit is a necessary thing to have. You need credit for most of the major things in life. Things such as getting a house, a car, most loans and even to rent a home. Credit takes time to establish and can be difficult to maintain.

As all Canadians are aware of, credit can severely impact your ability to get the things you need when you need them. It can also make it difficult when you are in an emergency situation. One way to help build or fix credit is by applying for guaranteed credit cards. These are a great first step to help you achieve your credit goals.

What are guaranteed credit cards? 

These are credit cards that are provided by lenders to you with a high approval rating. Most times these credit cards come with higher interest, but they can help you repair or establish credit scores. 

Guaranteed Credit Cards

Reasons to choose guaranteed credit cards

  • Establish credit when you don’t have any.
  • Repair credit when it has been tarnished.
  • Provide you with an alternative to a loan. 
  • Gives you a safety net in financial emergencies. 

When it comes to working with credit, this can be a very daunting and overwhelming situation for most consumers. There are so many options out there that if you search the internet, you will be overwhelmed with the sheer velocity of options available to you. Sometimes people make the mistake and choose the first one they come across and this can be more damaging then helpful. 

Our team at Bonsai Finance can help you get guaranteed credit cards approval faster by providing you with all the information you need to make an educated decision. 

Some ways we can help you achieve your goal of getting a guaranteed credit card. 

  • We sift through multiple vendors. Some you might have heard of and even those you might not have. 
  • You get clear and easy to understand terms that come with each lenders offering. 
  • We help you navigate the pros and cons of each type of credit card. 
  • You get help with the application process so as to not make mistakes. 
  • We do the digging for you so you don’t have to be overwhelmed. 

When you are looking for guaranteed credit card approval, it is easy to just choose the first option you can find. Though often times this can impact you negatively as you aren’t sure what the conditions of the card are. We can help with that. 

Also, when looking at getting any credit card, there are certain requirements that you want to be sure you meet. 

Requirements for guaranteed credit card approval

  • Verifiable source of income that is regular. 
  • Be 18 years of age or older. 
  • Have a verifiable place of residence.

One of the best benefits of getting a credit card that is guaranteed is that there are options available for any income level. Whether you receive a pension, are employed, or get benefits, each can be approved for the credit card that you desire. 

Here are Bonsai finance we meet with you and discuss your goals, what you want to achieve and where you are financially versus where you want to be. Then we take any information gathered from you and seek out multiple lenders that that can help you get to where you want to go. When it comes to getting guaranteed credit cards approval, we can help set on you on the path to improved credit ratings that will help you long term  You don’t need to do the heavy lifting yourself, let us do that for you so that you can focus on getting the financial freedom you both want and deserve.