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Get Bad Credit Loans
30 Dec 2018

How To Get Bad Credit Loans

In most cases, people with bad credit get rejected by most lenders when seeking instant personal loans. The loans to apply for at such situations are the bad credit loans.

With the bad credit loans, the lenders approve applications for people with diverse credits to get personal loans. These include people with bad credit, those with low credit and those with no credit. All these categories of people may never be approved to get a loan from traditional lenders such as banks. These loans are therefore designed to provide financial solutions to such people.

How to choose the best loan

There are many alternative loans for people with bad credit. However, not all of them may work for your specific financial situation. Here are some of the most common loans that you may come across:

  • Credit union loans- Credit unions are non-profit making organizations in which for some of them, anyone is eligible to join. Such unions can easily offer loans to people with bad credit. Their loans are cheaper than some of the other alternative lenders.  They may also have a higher level of customer service.
  • Equity loans- People who have equity on a home they own can use the equity to apply for loans even with a bad credit. The home equity is treated as collateral for the loan. This also reduces the interest rates for such a loan. Doing this allows you to qualify faster for a bad credit loan.
  • Secured loans- You may as well attach a valuable asset to be used as security for a loan that you borrow. The lenders do not find it very risky to offer you such a loan. If you default or fail to pay the loan, the lenders will automatically own the asset you have attached.
  • Co-signed loans- If you have a friend or a trusted individual with a good credit score, you can request then to co-sign your loan for quicker approval. This is however not easy for many people. The co-signer agrees to be responsible for your loan in the event you default. Failing to pay will as well negatively impact on your credit score.

What to look for in a bad credit loans lender

When looking for a lender of these kinds of loans, the following are some factors to consider:

  • Avoid lenders who offer payday loans and consider the ones that offer installment loans.
  • The lenders should also offer you flexible repayment terms. These terms may include negotiable repayment dates. Predatory lenders will always give very short repayment period.
  • A good lender should be concerned with your ability to repay the loan. The lenders who do not check your ability to repay the loan may put you in a trap to pay high-interest loans. You may also be put in a cycle of debts.
  • It is also important to consider lenders who report your repayment habits. Reporting the repayment to credit bureaus helps you rebuild your credit score.
  • The good lenders are able to conduct a soft credit check. The soft credit checks do not have a negative impact on your credit score.

Why work with Bonsai Finance?

Working with us is one of the ways to ensure that you get your financial solutions with the least hassle. Our lenders are the most trusted ones in Canada. We have the ability to evaluate your financial needs and help you choose the most suitable loan for you. With bad credit loans, it is possible to solve most of your financial problems without any frustrations. You should therefore not let your bad credit hinder your ability to get loans. Do not hesitate to contact us for help.