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Rogers Platinum Mastercard
13 Apr 2019

Is The Rogers Platinum Mastercard Worth Your Time?

The Rogers Platinum Mastercard is perhaps not a conventional choice for a credit card, but it deserves more attention from consumers than it is getting, particularly after its recent reinvention. It doesn’t sound particularly impressive (platinum is often the name for lower-rank card grades with less than stellar rewards) or even like it is a cash back card, but it is actually both of these things. There are several reasons why you should at least consider getting this card, and we’ll go over them in the article below.

Going Over the Basics

The Rogers Platinum Mastercard is a no-fee cash back card tied to Rogers Bank, an institution created expressly to offer this card to the public. The card allows you to apply your reward balance to any purchases you make with it, no matter what they might be. It’s not quite cash back in the usual sense, but it functions in effectively the same way; in fact, many cash back cards take this approach, so it isn’t even uncommon in the industry. With that in mind, the reward rates it offers are nothing short of excellent for the no-fee card that it is. Cardholders can receive 1.25% cash back on anything they buy, which is a very high base rate for a free card that is sure to bring you heaps of rewards. On top of that, if you happen to also be a Rogers customer and pay for their wares or services with this card, you’ll be eligible for a boosted 2% rate on that transaction, further increasing your rewards. This can be especially nice if you use them for many of your telecommunications needs like cell phones, TV and internet services, since your bills can be fairly substantial in those cases.

Possibly best of all, though, is the rate you’ll get if you’re making a purchase in a foreign currency. Those purchases will get you 3% in cash back, entirely offsetting the 2.5% foreign transaction fee that is applied in those cases. Since those fees are standard across almost all credit cards and most cards do not offer extra rewards for those purchases, this is a huge upside to having the Rogers Platinum Mastercard. It essentially allows you to make purchases online or while travelling without paying more than the sticker price of the items you choose and even get a little extra on the side, something that most people cannot count on being able to do. You’ll also get a $70 cash back welcome bonus if you sign up for this card now and make your first purchase with it within the first 3 months of having it, which is a great incentive to try it. The card does not come with any special ancillary benefits, but with all of that value packed into it for no annual fee, that’s hardly a huge deal.

Remember: Changes Have Been Made

It should be noted that this is a significant change from the old version of this card, which carried the same impressive reward rates but severely limited the ways in which you could spend them. At that time, you could only apply your rewards to your Rogers bills or put them toward any Rogers or Rogers-affiliated products you bought. This, obviously, was a significantly less appealing proposition than what exists now. Some sources, both online and off, will still discuss the card in that light, so you should make sure you are only consulting current sources that are up to date if you want to do any research to shape your decision.

What Do People Think of the Rogers Platinum Mastercard?

The Rogers Platinum Mastercard is currently in a bit of an awkward place when it comes to online consumer reviews. It has some, but many of those offer commentary that is based on the previous version of the card, which was highly inferior to the present version that new applicants will actually be offered. Because of this discrepancy, they cannot be relied upon to provide an accurate picture of what you can expect from the card as of now. This means that the low ratings you’ll see on sites like Insureye are not necessarily reflective of the experience you will have if you choose to get this card.

The only consistent complaint which does not have to do with those removed reward limitations is that the customer service available to you is somewhat poor and unreliable. However, even this should not always be considered a deal-breaker given that this is a relatively new and unfamiliar venture for Rogers as a whole. They are not a financial company and are only just dipping their toes into these matters, which leaves them a lot of room to grow and improve. It’s highly likely that their service and operations will improve in quality as they become more established in the market, and their recent improvements suggest that this may not take very long to happen. This card may not be backed by a traditional big bank, but don’t let that scare you off this excellent prospect; Rogers is hardly a small up-and-coming company, and it has plenty of resources to make sure that this venture succeeds.

Should You Try It?

Based on its current form, the Rogers Platinum Mastercard is an excellent prospect for any entry-level or even middle-grade consumer looking for a good quantity of highly applicable rewards from their credit card. Recognition of this fact is likely to grow as more and more people hear about it and how it has reinvented itself over the course of time. It’s still a bit of a gamble at the moment as the company’s banking operations continue to shape themselves and evolve, but it’s one that you have every reason to believe will eventually work out in your favour – and even if it doesn’t, it’s free, so the level of risk involved is very low. Go ahead and give it a try.