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Scotia Rewards Travel Program
22 Aug 2019

Let the Scotia Rewards Travel Program Put Your Jetsetting Dreams Within Reach

There are very few people in the world who do not enjoy any form of travel, even despite the high level of expense that it requires. With the right credit card at your side, though, you might not have to break the bank to get away for a while. The Scotia Rewards travel program is one of the many options you have for redeeming Scotia Rewards points, and it can help you to make your travel dreams come true more easily just by covering your normal expenses with one of Scotiabank’s well-loved rewards credit cards.

How Can You Get These Points?

Scotia Rewards travel points can be earned by using any of the many rewards cards that this provider has available right now. Each one has it’s own reward rates and bonus categories attached to it, so you can choose the one that will work best for you. You have several different cards to choose from to suit your needs, including the:

  • Scotia Rewards Visa (1 point per $2 spent).
  • Scotiabank American Express Card (1 points per $1 spent).
  • ScotiaGold Passport Visa (1 point per $1 spent plus 5% cash back on all travel booked through the Scotia Rewards Travel service).
  • Scotiabank Gold American Express Card (5 points per $1 spent on groceries, entertainment and dining, 3 points per $1 spent on transit expenses or streaming services, 1 point per $1 otherwise).

The former two are easier to get while the latter two are much harder (and charge annual fees), but all of them will help you to tap into the Scotia Rewards system if you choose to do so. The only real flaw in this lineup is that there is no true middle-grade option to satisfy those who want something a little bit better than a basic card but don’t want to commit to a premium card just yet. This isn’t that big a deal, though – it just means compromising by going to one end of the extreme or the other. Usually, which end you end up going to will depend on whether you can get your hands on the premium ones at all.

The Top Contender For Best Card

If all options are open to you, though, which card should you go with? Your best overall option is probably the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite, provided that you can qualify for it. You’ll need to have a high income (at least $80,000 a year on your own and just under half that if you’re applying with a partner) and good credit to get it. Once you’ve met those requirements, though, you’ll be able to apply for a card that will not only net you more points than most other options on this list (2 points per $1 on transit, groceries, dining and entertainment, 1 point per $1 on everything else), but will also get you a very appealing and long list of benefits to take advantage of. Since you’ll be using your rewards on travel, you’re sure to appreciate having the complimentary policies for things like trip cancellation insurance and emergency travel medical insurance on hand. Having extra coverage in case of any problems always helps to keep you content and worry-free while you enjoy your hard-earned vacation or your important trip away. You’ll also be able to skip over the unpleasant foreign exchange fees that you would otherwise potentially pay a lot of if you left the country on your journey, and you won’t have to deal with potentially having your method of payment not be accepted like you might with an American Express card. It’s not a true necessity, but this card is something you may as well take advantage of if it is within your reach.

What Are Scotia Rewards Travel Points Worth?

Like most travel rewards programs, each Scotia Rewards travel point is not worth a fixed amount in all contexts. Not only does the value of each vary from flight type to flight type, but it will also change depending on where you’re going and whether the travel you are booking is part of a package deal or not. You have two ways to redeem your Scotia Rewards travel points: through the Scotia Rewards Travel Service or by booking your flights elsewhere and paying with a Scotia Rewards credit or debit card (you’ll get the chance to apply your points to those expenses later through an online interface). In either case, you can choose to either cover the entire trip amount in points, or to pay for the costs partly with points and partly out of your pocket. You can get more information on both of these options on Scotiabank’s website, where you’ll also find the portal through which to do your bookings. You’ll have to use your points in increments of at least 5,000 every time you redeem them, so you’ll need to build up a sizeable amount of them before you can cash them in. With travel costs as high as they are, though, you will almost certainly want to use as many points as possible anyway.

It’s important to note that regardless of what kind of travel you actually use them on, putting your Scotia Rewards points toward travel in general is usually more worthwhile for you (at least in terms of the value of each point) than using them in any other way. Therefore, if you have any desire to travel at all, this may as well be the thing you use your points for. Keep that in mind for when you find yourself with a lot of points racked up but you aren’t sure if you’ll be travelling much in the near future; it’s usually better to just wait until you’re ready to head out again than to spend down your balance on things like merchandise or concert tickets, even if those are options for you.

Apply for the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite and More

You won’t start earning Scotia Rewards travel points until you have a credit card of the appropriate type open under your name, so why are you waiting to get one? You can finish your application for one in a few minutes if you hop onto our website right now. Scotiabank is just one of the many credit card providers that we work with at Bonsai Finance, and our search tool can help you get a better idea of how all your card options stack up against each other. Come give it a look and get the process started now so you can start using your new credit card as soon as possible.