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Mr Payday Loans Review
18 Nov 2018

Mr Payday Loans

Have you had a financial obligation hovering over you for a while now, but kept putting it off in hopes that you might come up with more money at some point? If you’re not careful, this can leave you needing to scrape up a good chunk of money in a very small amount of time, which is obviously difficult. Mr Payday loans might be able to help, though.

Enjoy the convenience of getting money in your account in as little as a single afternoon.

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You’re looking for a loan, but you need to get the entire process over with as quickly as possible.


Key Points

Brief Description Mr Payday loans provide small amounts of money in an extremely short time frame with the help of automated infrastructure.
Limits and Deadlines Loans are available in amounts of up to $1,500 and are usually paid back in a single pay period (about 2 weeks).
Urgency Though they cannot guarantee that things will proceed this quickly in all circumstances, you can potentially get Mr Payday loans in just 30 minutes (1 hour if you count the time needed for approval).
APR Range Applicable APR varies, but tops out at up to 59% depending on the province where each applicant lives.
Closing/Origination Fees None.
Early Payment Fees None.
How to Contract the Product Once you complete the online application and a decision is reached about whether to extend you a loan, digital verification will take just a few more minutes to finish. You will then receive your money by email money transfer.
Main requirements All you need to in order to be a candidate for Mr Payday loans is to be of age (at least 18), a chequing account where your paycheque is automatically deposited each pay period, a job you have held for at least the past 2 months that pays you at least $1,000 each month, and an active telephone number where the company can reach you. You must also live in one of the three provinces they serve (see below).

About Mr Payday Loans

Main Features

Mr Payday loans are small sums of money you can borrow in almost no time at all if needed. They have more requirements you’ll need to meet first than some of their competitors do, but the swift and effortless way they use to check if you meet them makes this much less of a burden than it might otherwise be. If you qualify, then great; if you don’t, you can move on with very little time lost.

Mr Payday loans can be somewhat pricey, with high potential APR capped only by the legal maximum for each province. This isn’t ideal, but it’s also not unusual among payday lenders. When you’re choosing this type of product, you should already know that it will come at a high cost; what you need from it is primarily convenience. Mr Payday loans delivers plenty of that with their lightning-fast processing time, boasting that they may be able to get you your money in under a single hour.

This lender does not work with individuals receiving an income from sources other than a job, however, so you should only apply if you are regularly employed and not depending on social assistance, disability payments, worker’s compensation, or any similar programs. You should also be aware that these loans are only available in Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia, so if you live anywhere outside of these three provinces, there’s no need for you to keep reading as you will not be eligible to borrow here.

How Does It Work?

Getting Mr Payday loans is as simple as filling out an application from their website – it only takes a few minutes to do it. You will then be notified by email (in less than 30 minutes’ time if done during normal business hours) of whether or not you’ve been approved.

If you have been, Mr. Payday will have to check up on all the information you’ve provided and ensure that it is accurate. This is all done digitally through a secure instant verification process, so not only is there no hassle on your part, but your case will also be processed faster and allow Mr Payday to release your money sooner. Because of this rapid automated process, this lender is sometimes able to get loan money to their customers in just 30 minutes.

Once you have your money, you should immediately be getting ready to repay it, as the loan will typically be due in just 2 weeks’ time. Don’t get stuck paying late fees or NSF fees by missing your payment date!


Mr Payday loans function much like other online payday loans, but cut out a lot of the red tape and administrative hurdles that might result in hold-ups with other companies. The result is a quick, convenient process that can be depended on to get you what you need, when you need it. The only notable drawback is the potentially high cost, but as previously mentioned, that’s something you should already be prepared for.

Mr Payday: Fast Money You Can Trust

Founded in 2002, Mr Payday is a Vancouver-based Canadian loan company that is focused on providing their customers with an easy, painless, and above all, swift borrowing experience. They currently carry a rating of 9 out of 10 on TrustPilot, reflecting their many satisfied customers. They can be contacted 6 days a week by phone or fax to provide any help you might need when applying for or paying back one of their loans.

What We Think

Mr Payday loans are all-around good products, but their best feature by far is their speed. If you’re lucky, you may be able to go through the entire borrowing process from start to finish more quickly than you could get a pizza delivered. That’s an incredible turnaround time that makes this lender an excellent choice when time is of the essence. When that’s the case, you’ll find no better lender than this one.