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Personal Loans of Loans SOS Canada
1 Aug 2018

Personal Loans of Loans SOS

Money problems sometimes come up so fast that you need to be able to react as quickly as possible to avoid disaster. The personal loans of Loans SOS could help you get the funds you need with very little delay.

Receive fast cash loans easily with Loans SOS!

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Some specific need of yours has suddenly come up and you now need a loan of up to several thousand dollars as soon as possible.


Key Points

Brief Description The personal loans of Loans SOS are short-to-mid-term loans that you can get fast in emergency situations. The loans offered are usually on the small side as a result, but they are meant to be used in cases where speed is more of a concern than the actual volume of money.
Limits and Deadlines Loan maximums vary depending on the applicant. Repayment periods range between 6 months and 5 years depending on the individual terms and loaned amount.
Urgency Because they focus on loans for immediate needs, Loans SOS ensures that your application is processed within a single hour. After that, you can expect to receive your loan money via deposit within 24 hours of your application being approved.
APR Range Between 3% and 35%, depending on the specific loan you end up with.
Closing/Origination Fees None – Loans SOS strives to make the cost of their loans as transparent as possible.
Early Payment Fees Usually none, although this may vary.
How to Contract the Product All applications are done online in as little as a few minutes. If supporting documentation is necessary, you may need to use other means to get them where they need to go.
Main requirements Loans SOS is open to just about anyone with some kind of income. You do not need any established credit score to get a loan. The company also works with the self-employed, although paperwork requirements might differ in such cases.

About the Personal Loans of Loans SOS

Main Features

The personal loans of Loans SOS have many good points to recommend them. There are no application fees or direct lending fees associated with them, making them an excellent option for those who are extremely low on funds. This also makes their pricing very easy to understand, as the stated APR provides you all the information you need to project the total cost of your loan. You shouldn’t have any unpleasant surprises when trying to fit repayment installments into your budget. Loans SOS’s response times are excellent, and when you’re caught in a money dilemma, that’s extremely important to you.

However, there are times when these loans might not be suitable for you. While loan sizes are not that heavily restricted, you can’t expect to borrow very large amounts at one time – depending on what you need this loan for, what is available here may not be sufficient. You also may not be able to get rates as low as you might elsewhere, since the institution’s primary focus is on speed. If loan size or affordability are important to you, another lender might be a more appropriate choice for you at this time.

How Does It Work?

To access the personal loans of Loans SOS, all you have to do is fill out a short online application form. You’ll usually hear back from the company in some way (either by phone or email confirmation) within a single hour to find out whether or not you’ve been approved. If you have, you will then have the opportunity to speak to a representative about the specific terms you’re hoping to get for your loans, as well as what your budget is like. Together, you and this person will decide on the best loan option for you, and they will then finish processing your loan request and have the money transferred to you within 24 hours.


Loans SOS’s personal loans deliver on their promises of swift turnaround time without sacrificing customer service and client satisfaction. Each person who applies for a loan through them will receive an individual consultation that ensures they receive the best possible borrowing experience and have minimal chances of having to default on their debt. Customers appreciate the ease and speed with which they can use the personal loans of Loans SOS to get cash in their accounts when they need it most.

Loans SOS: Fast Cash Loans for Canadians

Loans SOS is a newer entrant to the lender market that operates mostly online. Their business is geared toward helping people out of emergency situations that cannot wait for a long lending process to wrap up. They proudly call themselves a second and third alternative lender, so you know they’re happy to take all kinds of clients regardless of their past financial history. One of their stated goals is to lead the country in turnaround times for loan requests, and they are well on their way to doing so. It may also interest some readers to know that Loans SOS is based in Montreal, so they may be easier for French speakers to work with than other lending institutions.

What We Think

The personal loans of Loans SOS are a useful, highly accessible product that can help many Canadians out of difficult financial situations. The company offers a very simple application process that is open to a wide range of clients and their individual situations. Their emphasis on tailoring loans to each applicant’s specific needs set them apart from other lenders offering boilerplate solutions.

These loans are excellent for people with money problems who are also in a time crunch, and the APR range offered is quite reasonable considering the level of service delivered. We particularly recommend them when expediency is a key concern in your loan search.