Personal loans

There are lots of occasions in life where you might suddenly need money. Maybe your dog is sick and needs expensive medication or surgery. Maybe you’ve gotten a chance to take a trip to a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Maybe Christmas is coming up. Maybe you just think it’s time you got  new TV.

You might have savings to cover these kinds of expenses, but you also might not, and you shouldn’t have to go without just because you can’t pay right away. A personal loan can change that.

What Are Personal Loans?

Personal loans can help cover the shortfall in the present in exchange for some of your future earnings. They let you borrow money based on your personal information (usually – but critically, not always – your credit score) instead of requiring any actual collateral. Because they are relatively flexible and easy to get, these loans are often used to cover emergency bills or a large special expense like a wedding.

You don’t need to specify what you’re going to do with the money when you apply for one it – that’s entirely confidential and up to you. Personal loans give you access to money you know you’ll have in the future to use right now, when you really need it.

The Old Personal Loan Hassles

Before the Internet came into our lives, getting a personal loan could be surprisingly difficult. Shopping around for the best terms and rates was a tiresome ordeal that was sure to wear you out before you could find the best deal. Qualifying for the loan meant submitting to rigorous credit and background checks and hoping that no minor past issues would count against you.

Filling out all the necessary forms took a long time, and processing them all took even longer. In the end, you didn’t always get access to your loan money when you needed it. The entire traditional lending process is complicated, lengthy and just doesn’t make sense for the modern person.

Enter Personal Loans From Bonsai Finance

At Bonsai Finance, we aim to make sure that everyone has access to the personal loans they want or need, and we use the power of technology to make it happen.

personal loans

Our lenders don’t perform full credit checks when making their final decisions. Their primary criteria is your current verifiable income, so as long as you can realistically afford the payments on the amount you’re borrowing, you can expect to be approved. What’s more, the process is conducted entirely online with a turnaround time of just a few days, making it as convenient for you as possible.

It’s simple, it’s quick, and it gives you all the financial flexibility your busy life needs.

The Best Online Personal Loans in Canada

There are a few things we do here at Bonsai Finance that we feel set us apart from the competition. We put you in touch with the lenders with the lowest rates, so you can expect your monthly payments to be affordable and to consistently go toward paying down the principal, not interest. You can quickly compare what different lenders are offering through our user-friendly online portal and pick the option that best matches what you’re looking for. You also don’t have to worry about coming up with the money all at once or paying for other emergency expenses along the way; you’ll have a full 18 months to pay us back.

Just to review, here’s what you get when you apply for a personal loan with us:

  • no invasive questions
  • no credit checks
  • no pressure to pay too much, too soon
  • no jumping through hoops
  • swift approvals
  • the freedom to do it wherever and whenever you like

Contact us now and let us help you find.