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Progressa Loans For Old Debts
21 Sep 2019

Progressa Loans Make Old Debts a Thing of the Past

We all know by now that a poor credit score doesn’t mean you lack character. That said, it does pose problems for you that you might prefer to avoid if at all possible. Progressa loans are a potential solution that can help you to get your credit back in good standing, but like any financial solution, they won’t work all on their own.

Progressa’s Promise and You

Progressa loans are not like any other loans you’ll find on the internet today. While most of them are always open to lending to you regardless of what you need the money for and won’t even ask you what you plan to do with the funds they give you, Progressa’s products are a little more involved than that. As you’ll read below, there is a whole extra process involved with getting them that offers you additional assistance with getting your new loan to perform a specific purpose: credit recovery. This usually happens through debt consolidation services, meaning that any existing debts you have get pulled together under your new Progressa loan. It could also mean taking out a loan specifically for the purpose of building your credit up again.

Progressa’s whole goal as an organization is to help save you from your debts and get you on a better path for the sake of your financial future. They believe that you can do that with a little extra guidance, which is what they provide. They are excellent at working with people who fall into these demographics, but if you do not, they may not be the best choice for you overall. They could still serve you and probably won’t turn you away, but there isn’t much of a point in going to a lender with such a specific niche when you could consider many other options that might have more competitive terms or rates. Only look into them further if you have a large history of debt problems and are looking for a solution to that problem – if you just want to borrow money for some other purpose, there are plenty of other lenders out there who would be thrilled to help you instead.

What Do These Loans Look Like?

Progressa’s loans are highly tailored products that have a lot of variance in them, but they can range up to $15,000 with up to 60 months to repay that sum. Interest-wise, you’re looking at rates between 19% and 46.95% depending on your credit history, income and other factors. This is not the lowest interest rate you could be paying by any means, but it isn’t the highest either, and customers have the unique opportunity to potentially be offered a lower rate over the course of their loan if they continually make their payments on time.

If you’re taking out Progressa loans for debt consolidation purposes, you’ll be pleased to hear that on top of competitive rates, you’ll also get some of the work of setting up your new debt situation done for you. Many lenders offer debt consolidation loans but leave you to do the legwork of paying off those old debts with your new funds yourself. This will help you arrive at the same good result, but it will be much more of a hassle for you to have to track down all those other lenders and make the necessary arrangements with them. The way Progressa does things can save you a lot of grief. Instead of asking you to figure out the logistics of your new loan, they pay off your existing lenders directly without needing any further guidance from you. Of course, you’ll have to tell them about all the entities to whom you owe money in order for them to be able to do this for you. Still, that should mean much less work for you to do and will also ensure that there are no miscommunications or other problems in the process that could trip you up later on.

Be Prepared For a Discussion

Before you can ever take out a Progressa loan, you’ll be asked to sit down with a representative and talk about what your present financial picture looks like in terms of income, prior debts and current costs. This small interview shouldn’t take much of your time and should be relatively pleasant for you, but you will be expected to quote some specific numbers, so be sure to come prepared to do that in order to make this process as helpful as it can be to you. The idea is for this lender to understand the specifics of what you’re going for so that they can determine the extent to which they can really help you.

This is part of what Progressa calls their ‘Paper Plane Promise,’ alluding to the fact that a folded paper airplane is always a unique product because of the different materials and techniques involved in making it. Just like those paper planes, Progressa strives to treat their customers as individuals and to focus on what each one of them specifically needs. It is their belief that this makes it easier for them to offer meaningful solutions to their troubled customer base within their time of need, which is a noble goal. In theory, it should benefit you greatly by giving you access to custom solutions that address the issues you have actually been having and do not push you past your financial limits. If you’ve been hoping for someone to give you individualized attention and really listen to what you say you need in your own financial situation, you might be able to find that here.

Check Out Some Positive Progressa Reviews

If this lender was really as great as they seem, it would make sense for them to have many satisfied customers singing their praises online. This is exactly what you’ll find if you look online; Progressa reviews are numerous and quite positive for the most part. Their Facebook page is one of the places where you can most easily find a collection of these reviews to look at. They have over 4 stars in their average rating at this point in time, and the written portions of these testimonials state that they are particularly strong in customer service and their knowledge of the credit market. Many of the people who bothered to leave a statement indicated that they had successfully reached their credit goals and were in a much better financial position for the most part. This just goes to show you that no matter how bad your situation is right now, it can get better, and this lender has the tools to help you to get to that better place.

How Big a Difference Can Progressa Loans Make?

Given the results they are expected to achieve, it’s important to remember that Progressa loans are not a miracle cure for all your financial woes. While they are marketed as credit improvement products to some extent, they do not accomplish any of the things that you are probably hoping for all on their own. They can help you along and set you up for the best chances of success, but they will not actually wipe out any of your debt directly; the only way to do that is to petition for loan forgiveness or bankruptcy. If you’re okay with the massive impact that doing that will have on your credit score, you can always choose to do things that way. If you’d rather avoid that kind of fallout on your financial life, debt consolidation loans like Progressa loans are a better fit even in spite of the work they require from you.

With that in mind, you should be prepared to make a significant personal effort toward making this work if you want to achieve the better credit that was promised to you. This means taking this borrowing opportunity seriously and putting your best foot forward in terms of demonstrating good credit behaviour. Paying your balance on time and to the greatest degree that you can manage each month is even more important here than it is with a standard loan, and that’s saying something. Treat these obligations like extra duties that you have been assigned at your job and for which you will be held fully accountable – you don’t want to disappoint those who have given you this chance, because it’s very likely that you won’t get a second one to prove yourself again.

Can You Benefit From Borrowing With Progressa?

Your credit score is one of the most important metrics in your life, and if yours isn’t where you want it to be, it’s always advisable to take action to start making it move in that direction. Progressa can help you to do this, but you’ll need to put in a fair amount of effort yourself as well. If you’re ready to do this, though, these loans can be an invaluable aid in your quest for better credit.