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Review of Captain Cash
19 Nov 2018

Review of Captain Cash

There are many online loan companies available to borrow from in Canada, but Captain Cash stands out from the crowd. Underneath their fun superhero stylings is a dependable online lender with a good reputation even after only a short time in business.

About Captain Cash

Captain Cash first opened for business in 2016, and by this point they have served tens of thousands of customers. They provide loans exclusively through an online portal, but you’ll find their main office in Vancouver, British Columbia. They serve customers all over the country, even way up north in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Their main selling point is their instant bank validation process that allows applicants to quickly and securely convey the relevant financial information to the company without having to deal with mountains of paperwork. This shortens the time needed to reach approval and allows them to serve many more customers with a higher standard of care.

Main Offerings

Captain Cash is not unlike most online loan companies in the types of arrangements they offer, but they do set themselves apart a little bit by combining small loan amounts with longer repayment periods for customer flexibility. They offer medium-term loans in amounts between $500 and $700, allowing customers to repay the money they owe in 3 to 4 months. Their loans are accessible to applicants with good or bad credit; decisions are mostly based on other factors. They do charge moderately high brokerage fees for their services, but they are very open about this fact and potential applicants can view the fee schedule that applies to different sizes of loans at any time, including before they actually initiate any part of the borrowing process.

Captain Cash also makes things particularly easy on applicants with their document-free instant banking verification system. This feature makes the application process near instantaneous, and it’s all kept completely secure with extensive SSL encryption, the same kind that banks use to run their own online application forms and online banking portals. While they can use this capability to retrieve the necessary information, they cannot use it to log into your bank account, and nor can anyone else. All it does is help speed things up a little.

What Customers Think

As a newer company, Captain Cash hasn’t had the time to build up the same number of customer reviews as some other companies have. That said, those they do have are generally very positive. They have received a few complaints to the Better Business Bureau, but the majority are for things like small delays in the application process that do not constitute major offenses. There is little to no need for the average customer to be very concerned about these potential issues, and there are no other common complaints for you to worry about. This company is not a scam and you are not risking your personal or banking information by applying for a loan with them. The prevailing public opinion of Captain Cash is rather positive, so you can rest assured that most customers just like you leave their dealings with this company feeling satisfied.

What We Think

While there are plenty of other options you could go with if you wanted, Captain Cash is not a bad option for an online loan. You can expect them to be fast, easy to use, and more able to accommodate a wide range of repayment needs than your typical payday loan outlet. While their services are a little pricey compared to some of their competitors, they do offer a lot of innovation in the application process to make up for that. The positive customer reviews and testimonials they boast also help to solidify our positive opinion of them. Don’t be shocked if you encounter some minor snags along the way, but for the most part, you should find borrowing from Captain Cash to be a pleasant and hassle-free experience.