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Air Miles Credit Card Rewards

Rewards Add Up Fast With An Air Miles Credit Card

Air Miles has been around forever by now and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Part of the reason why it has had so much success is that it is an exceptional travel rewards program that most consumers love to be a part of. If you want to earn some of these rewards with your credit card, you should know that there is an Air Miles credit card out there for everyone and you are certainly no exception.

Two Providers, One Choice For You

When it comes to getting an Air Miles credit card, you’ll find that these options are mostly split between two providers in Canada: American Express and BMO. Each range of cards has different strengths than the other, but all are worth a quick look.

  • American Express Air Miles Cards

The American Express line of Air Miles credit cards is made up of the American Express Air Miles Credit Card (1 Mile per $20 again), the American Express Air Miles Platinum (1 Mile per $15), and the American Express Air Miles Reserve Credit Card (1 Mile per $15 as well, but it also includes a whole new host of travel perks and bonuses).

These cards are generally quite a bit easier to get than you would expect for the value they offer, but they are also surprisingly expensive to own. The basic card is free, but the Platinum card charges a $99 annual fee and the Reserve card charges an eye-popping $299 a year. While it’s very likely that you’ll get more than that amount back in rewards and benefit use anyway, you can still do better with other cards. It’s also worth considering that American Express is not accepted by nearly as many retailers as BMO cards are. If your Air Miles credit card is going to be your primary credit card, that’s something to keep in mind as well.

  • BMO Air Miles Cards

If the AmEx cards aren’t quite what you’re looking for, there’s always BMO to turn to. This provider carries a range of Air Miles cards including the basic BMO Air Miles Mastercard (1 Mile per $20) all the way up to the BMO Air Miles World Elite Mastercard (1 Mile per $10). The World Elite version also comes with a diverse and highly useful insurance package that will make travelling much easier and more convenient for you, plus some bonus perks on the side. It’s comparable to the Reserve card described above in most aspects, but it is more widely accpeted by vendors and only charges a $120 annual fee, less than half of what the other card will cost you. The income and credit requirements are high, but if you really want to use your Air Miles primarily for travelling, that card might be your best bet.

If you’re just a casual shopper looking to get a few more rewards when you buy from your favourite places, though, you might be more interested in BMO’s line of retailer-specific Air Miles cards. These cards are based off of the basic Air Miles card this provider offers, but they will also get you bonus Miles for shopping at partcular stores. You can get these for use at retailers like Sobey’s, IGA and Shell, effectively letting this card get you a bonus on groceries or gas like the higher-tier ones do if one of those shops is where you’d buy most of your supplies anyway. This is a nice option for low spenders that will let them get a bit more mileage out of their card than they otherwise would.

Discover the Value in Air Miles Rewards

Because of their heavily travel-focused name, many people forget that Air Miles is a comprehensive rewards program that offers many of the same options as any other program like that. Whether you’re looking for merchandise, gift cards, concert tickets or anything else, you can probably find it among their offerings. Even unconventional offerings can be found sprinkled in among the usual fare, and the catalogue is being updated all the time to give you more choice in your potential goodies. Recently the options were expanded to include an e-voucher for purchases at the LCBO, something which customers in Ontario are likely to appreciate.

It’s flexibility like this that puts Air Miles above other travel reward systems like it, though you’ll still get the best value out of your Miles by applying them to actual travel rewards only. Many families will spend enough using their card to qualify for a big discount on a trip by the end of the year; if you’re just two people, you might be able to finance that trip entirely on points. Since just about everyone loves travelling regardless of their finances, this can be a great way to see some more of the world without diverting cash away from your main budget. You could even use the Miles to see more of Canada; after all, this is a massive country that has plenty to offer, even if it can be hard to cover all that distance without some help. Your Air Miles rewards can give you that help.

Get An Air Miles Credit Card In Your Pocket Today

The hardest part of getting an Air Miles credit card is picking one out; there are so many options to choose from! It’s not hard at all to get lost in all the selection you have. It’s important that you take a look at the entire range before you make your decision, though. Why not use Bonsai Finance to do just that? With just a few minutes of your time, you could sift through the entire catalogue of Air Miles card options and apply for one right there. You’ll probably have to wait a little while longer to be approved and have the card mailed to you if you do manage to get it, but you’ll have done everything that is required of you in less well under 24 hours. If everything goes well, your new card will be on its way momentarily, and that’s something to get excited about.