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Using the TD Business Travel Visa
1 Sep 2019

Score Some Credit For Your Business Using the TD Business Travel Visa

Many businesses of all sizes use company credit cards to balance and track their expenses more easily than they could with just a bank account. Choosing the right card means that you could get even more than just those logistical benefits. The TD Business Travel Visa will also get you rewards, good insurance and other perks that every business can find some kind of use for.

Rewarding Common Commercial Activity

The best part of having any card is looking at the rewards it gets you. There are three different reward rates that apply to this card: you get 9 TD rewards points per $1 for booking travel through, 6 points per $1 when booking travel through TD by phone, and 3 points per $1 spent on business purchases (think supplies and such). This means that most of the things you will be spending on to help your business grow will earn you a respectable amount of reward points.

These points have a maximum value of around 50 cents each, assuming you choose the most efficient redemption options each time. Generally that means sticking to short domestic flights instead of flying across the world. You have the option to do either, though, so choose which of these possibilities best suits your needs! If neither is what you’re looking for, you also have all of the expected side options like merchandise and gift cards to spend your points on.

A Benefits Package to Ease Your Business Travel

The TD Business Travel Visa comes with many extra benefits that can bring even more value to your company. One thing it gets you that is exclusive to business cards is membership in the Visa SavingsEdge program, entitling you to slightly lower prices on some office essentials on a rotating basis. Because nothing is ever on a constant discount, it’s hard to rely on this program for savings, but the potential is there and it’s always nice to be able to save wherever you can.

The more extensive portion of this card’s benefits is devoted to travel; that package includes 15 days of travel medical insurance, plus flight delay insurance, baggage insurance, and common carrier accident insurance. All of these things will make your trips to visit clients or suppliers much less stressful and will guard against many of the unexpected expenses you might otherwise have faced. If you prefer to make your business trips by land, you might be happy to hear that some car rental insurance is also included, as well as discounts at Avis and Budget Rent A Car locations. All of these bits and pieces put together add up to an impressive overall package, which goes a long way in justifying the $149 annual fee.

An Upgrade Over Consumer Cards Like the Scene Visa

Scotiabank’s Scene Visa is a popular option for customers who just want a personal credit card, but cards like that can be used for very small businesses too without much trouble. Why would you want to choose a card like this over a basic time-tested card like that? For one thing, if a credit card account is clearly labelled as being a business account, your provider has a better idea of what to expect from your patronage. Things like large but infrequent purchases and requesting many additional cards won’t look nearly as strange to them as they would if those things were to happen on a common consumer account. Secondly, the rewards you get with this card and other cards like it are much more relevant to the needs of a business than Scene points and similar rewards are. Because you can use them on business travel and other necessities, you can easily funnel them right back into the business and use that extra influx of resources to grow even more.

Let the TD Business Travel Visa Empower Your Enterprise

The TD Business Travel Visa is an ideal option for small- to medium-sized businesses that do a lot of their work on-site at different locations. The rewards it gets you will help you to do that for less money, and the insurance package that is bundled with it serves as a safeguard against many common travel problems. Getting one is a good move for both logistical and material reasons, so there’s no point hesitating to apply – go ahead and get started now.

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