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Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Card Review
9 Nov 2018

Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Card | Credit Card Review

Who doesn’t wish they had a little more cash in their pocket? Cash back reward credit cards make it easy for consumers to recover small percentages of the money they spend making common purchases. We’ve prepared this Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card review to bring you more details on an excellent cash back credit card option you might be able to add to your wallet right now.

Be the envy of all your friends with an incredible 2-4% cash back on many common purchases you’re already making.


General Information

You Are Interested If You’re after a cash back card with the best possible rates you can manage to find.
Brief Description The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite credit card is an excellent cash back card that could easily get you an additional few hundred dollars a year in rewards.
Main Requirements This is a highly coveted card that is only extended to clients with high incomes and good to excellent credit, so be sure that your application makes you look like a strong credit prospect before you get your heart set on this card.

Card Details

Network Visa.
Provider Scotiabank.
Card Type This is a cash back card with some of the best rates available with any Canadian credit card.

Fees and Interest

Purchase Interest Rate The usual 19.99% interest charge applies to normal purchases made with this card.
Cash Advance Using this card to withdraw some cash in advance of a paycheck will incur a 22,99% yearly interest charge.
Balance Transfer It will also cost you 22,99% in interest to do a balance transfer to this card.


Income Requirements This is a card for trustworthy applicants that Scotiabank knows will bring them plenty of business, so a yearly income of at least $60,000 as a single individual is required in order to apply.
Household Income Requirements Scotiabank understands that the individual income threshold is a bit high, so they are also willing to consider applicants with a household income of $100,000 or more.
Annual Fee You’ll have to pay a $99 fee each year you have this card, but as we will confirm in the rest of our Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card review, it’s highly likely that you will earn back more than enough in cash rewards to make up for it. You can also get your first year free (see below).


Welcome Bonus New applicants for this card will receive an astounding 10% cash back on any purchases made with their new Scotia Momentum Infinite Visa. Don’t get carried away, though; this bonus ends after the first 3 months or when you hit $200 in rewards, whichever comes first. Your first year’s $99 annual fee will also be waived.
How To Earn Points The rewards don’t slow down much after that bonus offer is done – you can still get 4% cash back on groceries and gas, 2% on recurring bill payments or drug store purchases, and 1% on anything else you might charge to your card.
Benefits On top of purchase protection and 6 kinds of travel insurance, this card will also get you membership in the Visa Infinite series programs for both music and dining, complimentary concierge services and hotel discounts or upgrades, and membership in the Wine Country Wonders program running at vineyards across Ontario and British Columbia.

About Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Card

Main Features

We’ll begin this Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card review by talking a little bit about the basic features it has. The interest rates on this card follow the same 19.99% purchases/22.99% cash advance/22.99% balance transfer model that virtually all Scotiabank cards have in common. These are obviously not exceptionally favourable to the consumer, but you should be paying off your entire credit card bill in full and on time every billing cycle anyway. Regardless of this, though, it’s important to know what interest rates you’ll be subject to just in case you somehow fail to follow through on your current plans. Never sign up for a credit card without making sure you are fully informed about everything you’re agreeing to!

Now for the fun part of this Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card review: the cash back rewards. There’s a lot to be excited about with this card’s reward potential. You’ll get 4% of your money back every time you buy groceries or gas with this card, a very generous rate and category pairing that will pay off nicely for virtually all cardholders. These aren’t the only great financial bonuses at play in this Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card review, however. The 2% boosted rate on recurring bills, though lower than the other two bonuses we mentioned, remains extremely useful because of how likely you already are to have a bunch of these types of payments being billed to your card even without the extra incentive – it’s just more convenient that way. The 2% rate for drug store purchases won’t be of huge consequence for most cardholders, but anyone with chronic health problems (particularly seniors) who finds themselves spending a fair amount of money on over-the-counter or prescription drugs will get some good use from that bonus category as well.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t use part of our Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card review to talk about how much money you can realistically expect to get from these rewards. Since the welcome bonus is so substantial, we’ll start off with that. For the first 3 months you have your card, you can get a full 10% in cash back on anything you buy, up to a total of $200 maximum over that period of time. This means that you only have to spend $2000 on anything you like in that 3-month period in order to maximize the potential benefit for you, which should not be hard at the income level this card requires. This is an absolutely incredible offer that will really make you feel like a valued customer of Scotiabank, even with the handful of limitations placed on it to keep liabilities under control. After that, how much you earn will depend on your budget. Luckily, nearly everyone spends plenty of money on groceries and gas, the two categories of items that will net you 4% cash back. If you expect to spend even just $600 a month on these commodities, you’ll be earning $24 a month back from those bonus categories alone. Another $200 in recurring bills (again, many people will spend much more) at 2% cash back will add $4 to that number. Add in a few drug store purchases and a few hundred in extra spending at the 1% level and you can easily achieve a return of over $30 a month. This isn’t a huge amount of money, but considering how little you have to do to get it, it’s great!

Cash back rewards are often considered to be the best kind that a credit card could possibly offer you, and this card is no exception. It offers even better rates than most and attaches them to essentials instead of discretionary spending, further increasing its value in comparison to its competitors. Having this card is like constantly having a sale on essential items that you couldn’t do without no matter how high they were priced, which is arguably the best possible benefit you could hope for as a Canadian from outside the very upper classes. This bonus will help you put a lot more of your own money back into your pocket, and best of all, it applies to any retailer that sells those specific bonus category items – no need to drive halfway across town to take advantage of this opportunity to save.

As if the rewards themselves weren’t enough, another thing we have to touch on in this Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card review is the huge array of benefits you can get as a cardholder. This isn’t a travel card per se, but it still includes insurance coverage for things like medical issues, accidents and delays when on trips. Cardholders also get free 24/7 concierge service when needed and can tap into significant upgrades and discounts at many popular hotels. These things don’t synergize as well with the intended use of the card as they would for a travel option, but plenty of cardholders will still appreciate the gesture. You don’t need to be planning a trip to take advantage of the perks this card has to offer, though – you can always benefit from things like the Visa Infinite Music Series and Dining Series, two programs which can potentially get you into high-profiles concerts or restaurants and may even allow you to meet a celebrity or two. If you like wine, the Wine Country Wonders membership that is packaged with this card can get you things like private tours, special tastings and plenty of discounts. There’s something for everyone, which is just one more reason to love this card.


All in all, the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite is close to perfection as far as cash back cards go. This is a personal card that is not technically intended for anything other than individual or family consumption, but the rates it offers are so good that it might be suitable to use for some very small business ventures too. Whatever you plan to use it for, you must, as always, resist the temptation to spend more than you otherwise would simply to get more rewards. You should also remember that although the income and credit requirements to get it are high, they are firm and cannot be negotiated; you either meet them or you can’t have this card. Other than that, there are few downsides to looks out for with this card and many reasons to consider getting it.

About Scotiabank

The Bank of Nova Scotia (also known as Scotiabank in customer-facing business contexts) is Canada’s third-largest bank and one of its most well-known. It boasts branches or subsidiaries in major cities all over the world, including London, Havana, San Juan, Bogota, and of course, Toronto; all told, there are over 3000 branches in total. They are so wealthy and entrenched as a Canadian economic entity that they recently purchased and renamed the Air Canada Centre, which is now known as the Scotiabank Arena. Consumers looking for a powerful and dominant company from which to get their credit cards will probably be more than satisfied by this financial giant.

What We Think

To conclude our Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card review, all we can say is that this is a standout card. The fact that it’s cash back card is reason enough alone to recommend, but beyond that, it also offers some of the most generous and convenient bonus category rates around. The welcome bonus will bring you a lot of extra cash extremely quickly, and after that offer expires, you’ll still be able to get a consistent 4% cash back on the most commonly purchased items in Canada and 2% cash back on bills you need to pay anyway. In almost all cases, this will add up to a nice little sum of money every month.

The only thing we can’t be quite as positive about in this Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card review as we were in our Scotiabank Gold American Express review is the accessibility of this card. Far from being open to almost everyone, this one requires a minimum yearly income 5 times higher than that permissive $12,000 benchmark. $60,000 a year income is quite a bit for one person to be making now, especially for young people still growing their careers or elderly people trying to get by on a pension. Still, a card doesn’t have to be open to everyone to be excellent. If you do qualify and don’t have a strong preference for a rewards card for some reason, you’ll do extremely well with the Scotia Momentum Infinite Visa credit card.