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TD Business Travel Visa Card Review

TD Business Travel Visa | Credit Card Review

People with generous business spending allowances looking for a travel credit card have a plethora of options to choose from if they want to: so many, in fact, that the decision might become difficult to make. We’re bringing you this TD Business Travel Visa review to help you figure out if this particular option is the card for you.

Get up to 9 times the points when you book your business-related travel through TD.


General Information

You Are Interested IfYou have plenty of resources at your disposal, but travel a lot for commercial purposes and want a card that will reward you for doing so and make it easier on you to be away from home.
Brief DescriptionThe TD Business Travel Visa card caters to high-flying business executives and other top staff who spend a lot of time on the road for work.
Main RequirementsYou must be a business with decent cash flow and good credit, and also be willing and able to pay the $149 annual fee that will be charged.

Card Details

ProviderTD Canada Trust.
Card TypeThis is both a business card and a travel card.

Fees and Interest

Purchase Interest RateAll purchases made with this card accrue interest at a rate of 19.99% per year.
Cash AdvanceYou can take a cash advance with this card if needed, but it will cost you 22.99% in interest annually.
Balance TransferYou can also transfer a balance to this card, but again, 22.99% interest will apply.


Income RequirementsThis is a business card, so there are no individual income requirements that apply.
Household Income RequirementsAgain, household income is not considered for this card.
Annual FeeThis card costs $149 a year to keep and use, plus an additional $49 each for any extra cards you may want to give to your employees.


Welcome BonusUpon making your first purchase with this card, you’ll get 30,000 bonus points to work with.
How To Earn PointsYou’ll get 3 reward points per dollar spent as your base rate for all business purchases made with your card, but you can bump that up to an incredible 9 points per dollar on travel purchases made online through (you can also book by phone, but then you’ll only get 6 points per dollar).
BenefitsWith this card, you’ll get discounts at Budget and Avis Rent-a-Car locations and through the Visa SavingsEdge program, as well as some rental car loss and collision insurance, baggage insurance, and some Common Carrier Travel Accident insurance.

About TD Business Travel Visa

Main Features

To begin, let’s get into our TD Business Travel Visa review with the interest rates first. With this card, you’ll pay 19.99% interest on purchases and 22.99% on balance transfers and cash advances. These two last rates are just slightly higher than the typical 21.99% you would usually see, but carrying a balance over long periods of time is not a common behaviour in the types of clients this card is targeted at, so it shouldn’t be an issue for you.

The rewards are what you’ll all really reading this TD Business Travel Visa review for though, so let’s get right into them. In most cases, you’ll be earning 3 TD reward points per dollar that you spend on this card. That’s decent enough, but it’s the single bonus category that makes this card really shine. If you purchase any travel-related expenses through TD’s Expedia portal, you’ll instead get triple that number, or an amazing 9 points per dollar. If you book the same travel by phone, you’ll still get a bonus, but it will only be 6 points on the dollar instead of 9. With these points, you can claim all kinds of great prizes; anything from gift cards and merchandise to cash back credits and, of course, travel purchase are all included, though they may be available at different exchange rates depending on the item. That’s some excellent versatility that deserves to be called out.

Overall, this card does quite well in the points department. It must be emphasized that 9 points per dollar is an incredible bonus reward rate that very few other cards or categories can hope to match, and that can be a huge point in this card’s favour. This specific arrangement does have its downsides, though; for one, you’ll be paying whatever prices are listed on that Expedia site in order to have the rate applied, without the benefit of being able to go elsewhere. On the other hand, the prices are not known to be exorbitant. With such high bonus reward rates, it’s also easy to cycle those points back into the extensive travel you were doing in the first place and up significantly ahead in financial terms. That helps make up for the lack of price versatility to a degree.

The most important consideration in this TD Business Travel Visa review, though, is whether or not you really will be travelling enough to get the amount of points you’re after. This one variable can make a huge difference in your experience with this card. For example, let’s say you’re only a light traveller, taking a few trips a year for your work and spending perhaps $6,000 in total in this category for the year. At that level, you’ll receive 54,000 points per year for travel alone, which is a decent amount. However, if you travelled once a month instead and spent closer to $12,000, you’d end up with a much more enticing 108,000 points. Business travel is a huge driver of the Canadian economy and many people will spend heavily in this category, though, so if you’re one of them, you’ll enjoy the way this card rewards you for that. You should just be certain that you really do fall into this category before committing to this card, though.

Now we’ll talk a bit about the benefits you’ll get with this card in this TD Business Travel Visa review. One of the best benefits available here is the access to the Visa SavingsEdge program, which grants you discounts of up to 25% on select purchases of things like hotel stays, computer hardware and even flowers and chocolates for gift baskets and such. The selection of discounted retailers changes fairly frequently depending on the deals that Visa is able to strike, so interested parties should check back often to see what else might be available to them before they order anything business-related online. Apart from that, you’ll also get some separate rental car discounts, auto rental loss damage and collision insurance, delayed or lost baggage insurance, and up to $500,000 in Common Carrier Travel Accident insurance. This is a fairly comprehensive travel benefits package that covers all the main bases you’d expect it to.


To finish off this TD Business Travel Visa review, we’ll remind you that this card has many strong points, but a few weaknesses that you should be aware of. The base reward rate is nothing spectacular, but the bonus travel rate is more than generous enough to make up for that. The benefits attached to it are also quite good, offering a nice mix of discounts and insurance that’s sure to please almost everyone. Extensive travel expenses will be necessary in order for users to truly enjoy the card, though, and that should be a significant factor in any potential applicant’s decision.

About TD

TD is one of Canada’s oldest banks – so old, in fact, that it actually predates standardized Canadian currency. The first branch that opened in 1855 had to issue its own currency in order to carry out its business affairs within the city of Toronto until Confederation in 1867. They were one of the very first banks in Canada, and despite now boasting billions of dollars in annual business, they still care very much about providing their customers with the service they need. They claim to have the longest operating hours of any major bank in Canada, and they can also be reached by email or phone for help at any time.

What We Think

The final word in our TD Business Travel Visa review is a little more mixed than we’d like it to be. This card has tremendous potential in the hands of certain users, but it relies on having you use it extensively for travel purchases in order to bring that potential out. Many people are likely to find the card appealing but also have trouble spending enough on travel bookings to get the most out of it. Of course, if you aren’t the type of user to do a lot of travelling, you probably shouldn’t be looking for travel cards in the first place. Nevertheless, be sure to evaluate your business needs before making your final decision on this one.