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TD Emerald Visa Card Insights
29 Jul 2019

TD Emerald Visa Card In Canada Insights From Customer Reviews

According to the reviews, TD Emerald visa card has provided the customers with a great deal, and especially those who carry balances. One of the most interesting features about this card is that its interest rate can go very low, that is up to 4.5% or Prime +1.5%. However, despite this low-interest rate, customers are not offered rewards such as points or cash rebates.

Insights about TD Emerald Visa in Canada

  1. Low interest

Low interest rates and good credit score go hand in hand when registering for this card. Though the card requires a low credit score, customers with excellent credit scores are able to enjoy the lowest interest rates. Customers have also shown their satisfaction with the process of registration since it is simple and fast. The cardholders are also not required to provide any minimum requirement for income. This is what makes this card useful for those with balances on their credit card.

  1. It is a favorable card for students

Students who have not established credit history may find this card favorable because they are not required to have any credit history. The key benefit associated with this card, for students, is the low-interest rate. Students who might miss a payment or carry a balance will always benefit from this card. Such students are also taking advantage of the card to learn how to manage their finances as well as how to use credit. This card also provides cash advances for emergency cases, which may be a good deal for the students. Cash advances are, however, not the best choices because they are associated with high interest rates. The availability of the secured version of this card is also an advantage to the cardholders since they can have a guarantee for approval.

  1. Great car rental rates

Customers also prefer this card since they are able to enjoy great rental car rates. This is an advantage especially for those that consider renting cars frequently from Budget and Avis. In addition, you may also enjoy discounts from these car rental companies. The customers are able also to enjoy such benefits as a trip interruption as well as trip cancellation insurance.

  1. Customer services

The visa card is also preferred by customers because the TD bank offers exceptional customer care service. Most customers have shown their satisfaction with the immediate responses when they make calls to inquire or when they have queries with their cards or accounts. The card, despite the fact that it does not offer any rewards, gives the customers significant purchasing power. The customers can take advantage of this card to build their credit scores.

  1. Customer protection against fraud

TD Bank has also tried to improve the shopping experience of their customers using this card. This is due to outstanding fraud protection. This includes fraudulent actions that may take place when your visa card is lost. The best thing is that if you lose your card and report to the bank, you may not be held liable for any fraudulent charges. Customers are as well sure to get their card replaced within a few days after requesting. Other features that protect the customers against theft or fraud include 24/7 fraud monitoring, customer service specialists with security training, as well as using Verified by Visa. Customers can as well use this card to purchase online or through the phone. However, we would recommend that when doing this, you only shop from legitimate and reputable merchants. These features ensure that the customers are provided with the best standards in the protection of their cards.

As part of card protection, TD bank provides customers with credit cards with guidance to help them handle unrecognized transactions with their cards. Customers can, therefore, sort out such issues even before making a query to the bank. Once the customer confirms that the transaction is fraudulent, they can reach the bank for a solution.


TD Emerald Visa Canada is one of the visa cards that offer customers with reasonable deals due to its favorable features as shown by customer reviews. The key feature with this card is the low interest rates, as well as great car rental rates and discounts. It is also a good choice for students because it does not require students to have any credit score. The card has an impressive fraud protection system. Depending on your financial needs and situation; there are various reasons why you may find TD Emerald Visa Card in Canada a perfect choice for you.