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The Scotiabank SCENE Visa
27 Jul 2019

The Scotiabank SCENE Visa Lets You Have Fun For Less

What’s life without a little fun? We all know the value of taking some time to enjoy ourselves, but fitting the costs of doing so into your budget might be a bigger challenge than you would expect. You can use the Scotiabank SCENE Visa to defray some of these costs (at least when you’re dining out or going to the movies) while enjoying great credit service from a reputable Canadian provider.

Earn Points At Lightning Speed

One of the nice things about this credit card is that its reward system is so simple to understand, yet still holds a lot of potential. The basic rates are easy to grasp. You can get 1 SCENE point for every $1 you spend on your card, whether you bought a bag of groceries, a video game, new tires, or anything else you might have been interested in. That alone would leave you accumulating points at a rather slow pace, but thankfully, there are many opportunities for you to do better than that. The SCENE program has an ongoing agreement with Cara restaurants to help cardholder earn more points more quickly. Cara restaurants include:

  • Harvey’s
  • East Side Mario’s
  • Montana’s
  • Milestones
  • Kelsey’s
  • Swiss Chalet
  • and more.

When you eat out at any of these restaurants, you will gain additional SCENE points at a rate of 1 point for every $3 you spend. You will also get the chance to add a multiplier to this point total if there is a offer active at the moment; these will often get you 15 to 30 times the points you would have gotten and sometimes even more, so they’re worth taking advantage of when they’re around. To do so, you’ll have to load the offer onto your SCENE card in advance, though, so be sure that you have that activated before you go to pay for you meal so that you don’t miss out.

One bonus rate that you’ll be eligible for without having to do any legwork is the rate that applies to all Cineplex purchases. If you buy movie tickets, concessions, or film paraphernalia at any Cineplex location, you’ll get 5 SCENE points for every dollar you spend instead. With this constant bonus available, you’ll be able to make the most of any money you spend purchasing movie tickets even when you’re not able or willing to redeem points to pay instead.

What Will You Get?

Your SCENE points that you earn with your SCENE Visa can be redeemed for free movie tickets from Cineplex theatres. It costs 1,250 points to see a movie regardless of whether it is shown in general or 3D format now – prior to 2019, the costs for those two types of films were different. While there’s no arguing against the change regardless of how one feels about it, it can be argued that this new setup is more favourable to the consumer than the old way. More and more big movie releases are being shown in primarily 3D format, and if you want to see the next blockbuster as soon as it comes out, you may have to go to one of those showings whether you like it or not. This new system means that if you do choose to do that, you aren’t going to be paying extra for it, even if the ticket would normally cost more.

Even though there aren’t many people out there who would turn down a chance for free movies, SCENE points can be used for more than that if you like. You can also redeem them in intervals of 1,000 for $10 off the bill when you dine at any of the Cara restaurants where you are eligible to earn extra points. This can be a nice way to use up some extra points you have lying around when you go out on a date or with friends; it’s usually not as cost-efficient as using the points on a movie, but it’s an option.

The SCENE Visa Is A Student’s Dream

While it does have potential across almost all audiences, it should be noted that this card is particularly well-suited for student use. First of all, this is a free card that is aimed at people with a lower income and perhaps a limited credit history, which is the most important criteria that a potential student card must meet. It also offers rewards that someone living a student lifestyle will appreciate very much, since cashing in these rewards means that they will be able to enjoy some much-needed entertainment as a break from their work and studies without having to actually take away from their budget. Movies are a common social activity among both friends and romantic partners, so SCENE rewards really are a perfect complement to a young person’s needs.

Lastly, this card has the potential to earn you points surprisingly quickly if you use the Cara restaurants offers with any sort of regularity. Imagine getting a burger from Harvey’s every weekday during one month where a ’30 times the points’ bonus was active – you would do extremely well by the time the month was over, and you would have done it just by feeding yourself like you normally would. All of this adds up to an excellent card by students’ standards. In fact, the Scotiabank SCENE Visa was named MoneySense’s #1 Student Card of 2018, and it may well earn this place again next year.

Will You Enjoy Having the Scotiabank SCENE Visa?

With so much to recommend it and few downsides to speak of, the Scotiabank SCENE Visa is an excellent starter card that could remain useful to you for much longer than you might expect. Almost everyone likes going to the movies for free every once in a while, and if you eat out often enough, this card’s reward potential is much better than many others in this tier, making it easier to stick with it over time. Be on the lookout for any more changes to the SCENE program overall in the coming years, but at the moment, we’re happy to recommend this card to anyone who is interested.