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CIBC Travel Rewards
30 Sep 2019

There’s No Limit to What CIBC Travel Rewards Can Get You

Credit card reward systems are a dime a dozen, but even so, some still stand out. The CIBC travel rewards system, also known as the Aventura points system, is one of the better ones out there. With abundant rewards and many diverse redemption options to entice you, this system carries all the major strengths you’d like to see in your credit card rewards.

What Are CIBC Travel Rewards?

CIBC’s travel rewards are earned through their Aventura rewards system, which is technically focused on travel but isn’t only used for that. To get these rewards, you’ll have to trade in a particular number of Aventura points for them (the amount you need depends on the type of flight you choose and the destination, but you can start looking at booking a flight with as few as 10,000 points). You can earn those points by using any of CIBC’s Aventura credit cards to pay for your daily purchases, each one getting you a different rate when you use it. Some of your options for cards that will do this for you are:

The basic Aventura Visa and the US Dollar card will earn you the least amount of points, while the Visa Infinite card will get you the most and some helpful travel benefits too. However, the lower-level cards are also easier to get and will cost you less than the premium version, so one isn’t necessarily better than the other. It’s up to you to decide what you need from an Aventura card and select one appropriately.

Where Can You Go Using CIBC Travel Rewards?

The great thing about CIBC travel rewards is that they never expire, and you can use them on any seat at any time. You’ll get the best value by sticking to short flights within the country, but you can technically use them to go anywhere in the world. Just be prepared to hand over a lot of points for that kind of prize – it can cost you up to 125,000 points to book an international flight, and that will only cover up to $2,000 in cost. You will be responsible for paying any remaining balance, assuming there is any, and that’s true of all flights you might book. However, as long as your total amount remains under the dollar limit for the type of flight you are booking (see here for details), your taxes and other fees will be covered by your points as well. Assuming everything works out and you have enough points for it, you could potentially go pretty much any place in the world for free.

What Other Ways Can You Use Them?

Even if you have the best intentions when you sign up for a travel credit card, sometimes those dreams of getting out and seeing the world just don’t materialize. If you need an alternate way to spend your reward points, CIBC has your back. Your CIBC travel rewards points do not necessarily need to be redeemed for flights. Even though you’ll usually get the best value this way, you can also use your points to buy merchandise like jewellery and kitchen appliances, donate to charity, or even bid on auctions for various items and packages. You’re never stuck doing just one thing with your rewards, which makes them a great long-term choice when you aren’t sure what your life might look like in a few years. No matter what happens to you, your rewards will probably still be able to get you something you want.

Should You Be Collecting Them?

As we said, CIBC travel rewards are far from your only option if you want to get away from home using credit card rewards. They are as good an option as any, though, and should be part of your considerations if you’re looking at getting a new credit card. Choosing one from CIBC’s Aventura line will let you tap into this great rewards system and enjoy the chance to travel for less; give the matter some thought before you settle on a card to apply for.