Travel credit cards

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. Travelling far from home can do a lot to shake up your routine and show you a different point of view. Wouldn’t you like to be able to do it more often at no cost to you? Travel credit cards will give you the opportunity to earn travel-based rewards every time you use it, letting you rack up plenty of points to put toward even grander adventures.

Travel Credit Cards

Get Air Miles Rewards Points and More

Since there are many credit card options out there to choose from, cards that want to set themselves apart from the pack sometimes offer special bonuses to clients for choosing them. In the case of travel credit cards, these rewards are focused around transport and accommodation on long-distance trips. They might be redeemable for free overnight stays at certain hotels, for instance, or for air fare on both domestic and international flights. Point amounts build up based on how much you charge to the card each month, usually at a slightly higher rate than cash back reward cards to compensate for the loss of liquidity.

Next time you get the itch to have a little change of scenery, you’ll be able to use all the rewards accrued with your card, including hotel points and airmiles rewards, to travel for free or for much less than full price. Given Canada’s notoriously high plane ticket costs, that’s an offer that could save you a significant sum of money. If timing or other responsibilities get in the way of your travels, remember that you can also redeem Air Miles points for any number of other goods and services too; they’ll never go to waste, no matter how your plans might change.

Get the Best Travel Credit Card Out There

Despite the excellent bonuses they offer, not all travel credit cards are created equal. If you’re not using the very best one, you’re missing out on reward points you could be using to make your next trip even more spectacular. In some cases, your card may also make you eligible for complimentary travel insurance for things like:

  • flight interruptions and rescheduling
  • car rentals
  • baggage
  • yours and your family’s medical needs

These things might not necessarily be so indispensable to you that you’d be willing to spend money on them, but getting them for free might be a pleasant addition to your trips.

To get the most out of it, though, you should be looking to not only maximize the reward rate, but also tailor the types of rewards you receive to your own individual preferences. Some people enjoy knowing they can fly often at little direct cost to them, while others prefer other methods of travel and would get more use out of extra hotel stays. No matter what your inclinations might be, there is a card out there that suits them; you shouldn’t settle for less. Our online tools will help you find the option that works best for you and your usual travel choices.

Let Bonsai Finance Do the Work

By now you should see the value in opting for a travel card for you next credit card, as well as why you should be picky about it. There’s no need for you to personally seek out the best travel cards available, though: let us bring them right to you instead. You can view a list of the top travel credit cards available in Canada, all pulled and organized for you through our online portal. You can compare fees, rates, benefits and anything else you value in a credit card, then apply through us to one of our trusted lenders. With our help, you’ll be.