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True Line Gold Mastercard Review
17 Oct 2018

True Line Gold Mastercard | Credit Card Review

There’s something exciting about getting a great deal, and credit card rates are no exception. Sometimes your financial stability hangs in the balance, too. You could be saving more than you thought possible with the True Line Gold MasterCard.

Get some of the very best interest rates Canadian credit cards have to offer for a relatively low annual fee.


General Information

You Are Interested If You want to minimize your credit card interest charges as much as possible.
Brief Description The True Line Gold MasterCard credit card lets clients save interest fees on purchases and balance transfers, with an even better deal available as part of an introductory offer.
Main Requirements Aside from a willingness to pay the $39 fee, this card doesn’t ask for too much from its applicants. As long as you can get the regular True Line card, you can probably get this one too.

Card Details

Network Mastercard.
Provider MBNA.
Card Type This is a low-interest card, just like the standard True Line card.

Fees and Interest

Purchase Interest Rate Regular purchases will accrue interest at a rate of 8.99% annually.
Cash Advance A 24.99% interest rate applies to all cash advance charges on this card.
Balance Transfer After the welcome offer ends, cardholders will pay 8.99% interest on all balance transfers as well.


Income Requirements There is no firm income requirement for this card; you just have to fill out an application and see what happens.
Household Income Requirements See above.
Annual Fee You’ll pay $39 per year to have this card.


Welcome Bonus If you sign up for this card on or before December 31, 2018, you’ll be eligible for a 0% interest rate on all balance transfers you do within the first 6 months.
How To Earn Points There are no points involved with this card.
Benefits This card comes with several different types insurance, including rental car coverage, travel insurance, and trip cancellation coverage.

About True Line Gold MasterCard Credit Card

Main Features

The True Line Gold MasterCard credit card is very similar to the plain True Line MasterCard also offered by MBNA – in fact, it’s intended to serve as a direct upgrade to that card option. This is most obviously evident in the interest fees it offers; outside of the welcome bonus period, they are a uniform 8.99% for purchases and balance transfers, a full 4% lower than the already low fees offered by the standard version. This makes it even easier to save on high carried balances, adding an extra $4 in savings per $100 every month. The high cash advance rates that plagues the other card also unfortunately remain unchanged in this version.

Like most second-tier upgrades like this, though, you’ll pay a little extra money to make the change. In this case, you’re going from a $0 annual fee to a $39 one. This isn’t a lot of money and it can easily be recouped from the additional savings you’ll get from that low interest rate, but it’s an up-front cost that must be paid before any of those savings can be realized. This means that you may initially plan on making enough use of the discounted rates to make the switch to a Gold card with it, but end up with less credit card debt than you anticipated and end up in the red because of it.

To avoid this, you’ll need to do some math before you commit to this card. To cover the full $39 fee, you’ll need to save at least $3.25 on interest fees every month. This is the equivalent of carrying a balance of a little more than $80 on your card for the entire year, or $160 for half the year. Many, many users will easily surpass this threshold, but if you’re close to falling below it and trying to improve your credit habits, you don’t necessarily want to have that motivating factor competing with your efforts. It all depends on your specific situation, so each user will have to evaluate whether the card is right for them or not.


The True Line Gold MasterCard is one of the best options available for a low-rate Canadian credit card, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have drawbacks. The $39 annual fee is the main one, but the high cash advance rate is also not that appealing. Many consumers can save a lot while using it, but it isn’t a blanket panacea to credit card woes and in some cases won’t offer much better performance than the starter card in this line. As good as the MBNA True Line Gold MasterCard credit card is, it shouldn’t be chosen blindly.

About MBNA

MBNA is a credit card provider owned and operated by the better-known Toronto-Dominion Bank. Originally an American firm, this company has had a presence in the Canadian credit card market for over 20 years. They provide a wide range of credit card products for people of all income levels, and make it their mission to ensure that each of their customers will be able to have a card that suits their individual credit needs. They have many ranks of representatives ready to assist customers via phone or email with any questions they might have, an operate a fraud detection service for their clients that is well-known for its efficiency.

What We Think

The True Line Gold MasterCard credit card is, as you’d expect, a better version of the already impressive regular True Line card. However, unlike the upgrade from a regular card to that basic True Line option (which costs nothing except maybe a sacrifice of reward points and will yield a significant difference in savings), the change from that card to the True Line Gold MasterCard credit card is less pronounced and comes at a price.

If you do go for this option, make sure you use the card at least as much as you factored into your calculations to ensure you don’t waste the $39 annual fee. As long as you’ve taken these precautions to make sure this is the right card for you, we whole-heartedly encourage you to apply and take advantage of the extremely low interest rates the True Line Gold MasterCard credit card offers.