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Walmart Rewards Mastercard Review
21 Feb 2019

Walmart Rewards Mastercard | Credit Card Review

Cash back rewards are great, but they can take a long time to build up to the point where you’re allowed to redeem them. You can use the Walmart Rewards Mastercard to purchase things much more quickly than you would be able to with most cash back systems.

Earn Walmart rewards points you can redeem right at the till.


General Information

You Are Interested If You often shop at Walmart stores and know you’ll make good use of any store credits you can get.
Brief Description The Walmart Rewards Mastercard is a retailer-specific rewards card that allows shoppers to accrue Walmart Rewards Dollars to put toward their future purchases.
Main Requirements A fair credit score and a little bit of consistent monthly income should be enough to get this card.

Card Details

Network Mastercard.
Provider Walmart Canada Bank.
Card Type This is a retailer-specific rewards card.

Fees and Interest

Purchase Interest Rate Typical purchases will be subject to a 19.89% interest rate.
Cash Advance Any cash you take out with this credit card will cost you 21.49% in interest.
Balance Transfer Old balances that were moved to this card will be charged 21.49% in annual interest as well.


Income Requirements There is no fixed income requirement for this card.
Household Income Requirements Your household income does not need to reach a particular level either.
Annual Fee This card is always free to hold.


Welcome Bonus You can get $15’s worth of rewards just for signing up, as well as another $10 for opting for paperless statements.
How To Earn Points You’ll earn 1.25% back in rewards when you shop at Walmart stores or on and 1% back for shopping anywhere else.
Benefits This card does not come with any special benefits.

About Walmart Rewards Mastercard

Main Features

The Walmart Rewards Mastercard is one of many specialty rewards cards that retailers are creating for their customers now. Naturally, it offers an accelerated reward rate for shopping at Walmart stores or on Walmart’s website; you’ll get 1.25% of your purchase total back in Walmart Reward Dollars under those conditions, and 1% back on any other purchases as well. You can use these dollars to purchase anything sold on Walmart shelves or in their online store.

These aren’t spectacular reward rates, but there are certainly worse ones out there. What also helps to make up for that is that the 1.25% rate is very easy to get on almost all purchases you make. Since Walmart sells everything from household items to toys to groceries, it’s not uncommon for many people to do the bulk of their shopping there regardless of what they are buying. That makes them one of the best candidates to have a card like this. It’s easy for most people to earn plenty of rewards, and since store credits can be used with almost as much flexibility as actual cash would, the fact that the rewards can only be used at one kind of store isn’t as restrictive as it would usually seem to be. Think about it: spending just $1,000 a month on the card, provided that it’s all spent at Walmart, will net you $12.50 in reward each month. That can be used to buy you some extra groceries, some movies from the bargain bin, some hobby supplies, or perhaps even a piece of clothing if it’s on sale. You could also save those reward dollars up and buy something more substantial after a few months to a year. No matter what you want, you can probably get it through this reward system.

The other big draw of this card is that it allows you to use the reward dollars you earn as soon as you get them and in increments as low as $5 at a time. This is extremely useful for some people who might otherwise forget about their rewards or hesitate to go through the trouble of redeeming them. Rather than having to go out of your way to do this, you’ll just have to take out your card and choose the reward option when you pay. Not only could it not be any easier, but it could also help you to see the results of your choice of card far sooner than you otherwise would. That’s an advantage that few comparable cards can claim.

Unfortunately, this card doesn’t come with any extra benefits to make it more appealing. It would obviously be a more attractive option if it did, but this isn’t as big a deal as it appears. It’s uncommon for these kinds of entry-level cards to include very much in the way of extras anyway, so all you’re really giving up is the chance for some sort of easily-forgotten accident insurance. It’s unlikely to be much of a problem for you in the long run if the other aspects of this card sound good to you.


The Walmart Rewards Mastercard won’t be suitable for everyone, but the solid rewards and considerable utility it offers make it an option worth considering even with the total lack of bonus insurance or other extras. Customers who want immediate access to their rewards are likely to be those most satisfied with what this card brings to the table, as this its main advantage over standard cash back cards.

About Walmart Canada Bank

Walmart Canada Bank opened in 2010 exclusively to help service this Mastercard option, which was in development at the time. Since then, it has made it possible for Walmart Canada to provide their customers with more than $220 million in savings. It was recently sold to two different financial entities: Centerbridge Partners LP and Stephen Smith. It has yet to be fully absorbed into either institution, so its future as a bank remains uncertain.

What We Think

The Walmart Rewards Mastercard is more general-purpose than most retailers’ in-house cards, and that alone gives it a significant boost over the competition. If you’re not a frequent Walmart shopper, this card obviously won’t do you much good. If you do shop there frequently, though, this card’s reward rates are good and its ease of use is excellent.