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The Scotiabank Scene Visa
14 May 2019

Want Free Movie Tickets? The Scotiabank Scene Visa Is For You

Taking time to go have a nice meal or see a movie is a great way to give yourself a bit of time to unwind and enjoy yourself if you have the money for it. If you don’t, though, you might have to go without this small pleasure for a while. Using the Scotiabank Scene Visa can change that by making it much more affordable for you to go out every once in a while, especially if you are careful about how you use it.

What You’ll Get With This Card

The Scotiabank Scene Visa is structured similarly to most reward cards at first glance. You’ll be charged 19.99% interest for purchases and 22.99% on your balance transfers and any money you withdraw in cash against your line of credit. You’ll also have the chance to earn Scene points when you use it. You’ll earn 1 Scene point per dollar you spend unless it’s at a Cineplex movie theatre, where you’ll earn 5 Scene points per dollar instead. You can also earn extra points when you eat out – dining at any Scene partner restaurant location (your options include crowd-pleaser favourites like Montana’s, Milestones, East Side Mario’s and even Harvey’s) gets you 1 Scene point for every $3 you spend there.

Where it gets exciting is when you get to all the bonus offers that you may be eligible to enjoy. Every time you go to the movies and use your Scene card, you’ll get an extra 125 points for buying a ticket. Then, if you take care to load up the offers on your Scene card in advance, you can get multipliers on the points you would get from spending at restaurants – 15x the points is common, but some offers go even higher than that. There are also many ways to earn a few bonus points on occasion, usually involving doing something simple like downloading an app. All in all, you can easily accumulate Scene points at a surprisingly rapid rate if you keep on top of things. This, combined with the low redemption threshold to get something good, make this card excellent for low spenders who enjoy their entertainment out on the town.

Cash In For Great Food and Movie Rewards

Points are no good to you unless you can spend them, though, so let’s briefly go over your options in that regard. Until just recently, you could redeem 1,000 Scene points for a free movie ticket, with 3D or VIP movies and packages that included concessions costing you a bit more. The new rates that are currently effective cost 1,250 points for a general admission ticket to a regular or 3D movie and 2,500 for a VIP ticket, a considerable increase from the prior rates. However, this is perfectly in line with the increasing cost of movies over the years and is arguably more favourable to you due to the increased incidence of 3D-only showings in smaller theatres. Making the points price of the normal and 3D tickets the same lessens the sting if you end up having to choose the upgraded option when you would have preferred not to.

If you don’t think you’ll get too much use out of the free movies, there’s another thing you can do with these points. Any of the restaurants that allow you to earn bonus points on your purchases will also allow you to redeem points to put toward your bill when you eat there. You can cash these points out in $10 increments (that’s 1000 points for each $10) and redeem these credit rewards at the point of sale, so there’s no need to plan ahead when you want to use the rewards you’ve accumulated. It’s great to be able to go out to dinner with your family or friends and be able to decide on a whim that you want to order an extra drink, appetizer or dessert for free, or close to it. Maybe you even have a lot of points built up and want to treat your whle table to a free meal. As long as you have enough points, you have all these options available to you at all times.

Is the Scotiabank Scene Visa Popular?

A popular card is usually a good card, and if we accept that to be the case, there’s plenty of evidence that the Scotiabank Scene Visa is a great one. There was quite a bit of annoyed commentary circulating around the media when the points value change mentioned above was first introduced, but that’s partially due to the fact that the program is so well-loved by the general public and no one wanted to see it change. This card is the only credit card tied to that points system, so if you want to earn points through your card, you have to use this one. For that reason, it’s one of the more well-known entry-level cards out there and even people who could easily qualify for a fancier card tend to speak of it fondly. It’s especially well-liked among people just starting out in the credit world, since this is an easy card for them to get that tends to provide them with more rewards that are more relevant to their life than most basic cards do.

Should You Apply For the Scotiabank Scene Visa?

If you’re not much for eating out or going to movies, the Scotiabank Scene Visa isn’t for you. Since most people enjoy those things and would love to be able to do more of them, though, it’s a safe bet that most people will enjoy this card. It’s still only an entry-level option and far more impressive cards are waiting out there, no doubt about it. Still, as far as basic cards go, it beats out many of them in terms of value and utility. Get one of your own today and you might be surprised at how often it lets you go out and enjoy yourself without paying a dime to do it.