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Applying For Bad Credit Personal Loans Canada No Credit Check
22 Jul 2019

What You Need to Know When Applying For Bad Credit Personal Loans Canada No Credit Check

In Ideal financial conditions, you should always try to maintain a good credit standing to make your financial life much easier. Nonetheless, there are periods when you may need to borrow to offset some financial difficulties. Various problems can arise after taking a loan that may complicate the repayment process. As a result, your credit score takes a plunge making it difficult for you to get a credit card, mortgage, or other types of loans. Statistics indicate that more Canadians are going into debt due to a wide range of factors. Modern lenders recognize this predicament which is why they still make it possible for you to access personal loans even with bad credit.

Understanding Credit Checks

Credit checks are typically performed by lenders before approving any loan. There are two types of credit checks that you should familiarize yourself with to understand the loan application process well. They are the soft and hard credit inquiries. A soft credit check entails a light inquiry into your credit file that is rarely recorded and without a negative impact on your credit score. A hard credit check involves a deeper inquiry that reviews all your debt information and it shaves off some points off your credit rating. Commonly when lenders associate the term “no credit check” with their loans it means that they only perform a soft check. Rarely will you be denied a loan by such lenders even when you have bad credit.

Applying For Bad Credit Personal Loans Canada No Credit Check

As stated above, it is possible for you to get a personal loan in Canada even with a poor credit rating. You might be wondering how the lenders get to approve you. The process is quite easy when you have other methods of proving your creditworthiness. You should use the following to convince the lenders to skip credit checks when approving your loan;

  • Bank statements

Bank statements can help to prove that you can afford the loan you need. Lenders need to see the amount of money coming in and going out of your bank account for any given month. The quickest ways of offering such statements include the provision of instant banking verification and e-statements. If you do not need the loan swiftly, you can fax the statements to the lender.

  • Income verification documents

Great lenders do not look to burden their clients financially when they give them loans. This is why you can easily prove your creditworthiness to them using your source of regular income. It shows that you can afford to pay the loan consistently.

  • Collateral

You should use collateral when you feel that your debt status might hinder your chances of qualifying for any loan. The asset you offer as collateral makes your credit history to have less relevance and cuts down the lender’s risk.

  • Guarantors

A co-signer also cuts down a lender’s risk by taking on the responsibility of paying back the loan if you are incapable of doing so. You should get a co-signer that has a stable income and is comfortable to take such a risk.

Although each lender will require different details, the above tactics will generally help you when taking poor credit personal loans Canada with no credit check. They assist you to get a loan at a fair interest rate and also from all types of lenders. However, for quick and short term personal loans other lenders are willing to be more lenient. Alternative, private and niche-focused lenders perform fewer checks but give loans with huge interest rates.

Ensure you take the right precautions like borrowing only the amount you need and checking for the best loan rates. Avoid bad debt by applying for bad credit personal loans Canada no credit check with the help of approved advisory agencies like Bonsai Finance. We prioritize our clients’ pleas by enabling them access to the best lenders. We also have numerous resources for the provision of expert guidance when taking a loan to help you make a prudent decision. We also give you tips that enable you to gradually improve your credit rating and as such have a healthier financial life.