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Credit Karma Canada Reviews
19 Sep 2019

What’s the Consensus in Credit Karma Canada Reviews?

It’s never easy to trust a private company with your credit information, even when they are offering a valuable service to you and seem to be completely trustworthy judging by their security measures. Credit Karma Canada reviews can offer a comforting second opinion to those who are still in need of some reassurance when contemplating signing up for this service. You deserve to feel completely confident in your choice when you open a free account, so let’s take a look at what other people have to say about Credit Karma Canada.

Reviews on the Site Itself

The first place to look to see what people think of this company is on Credit Karma’s official website. As part of their marketing, they regularly publish reviews by past customers that include a star rating and a short comment about each person’s favourite part of the experience. These are all very complimentary and rarely fall below 5 stars, although you can find the occasional 4-star one mixed in. All together, they leave a very pleasant impression of what this company is supposed to be like.

As nice as these reviews make Credit Karma look, though, it’s best not to put too much stock into them right away. Because they are hosted on the company’s own website, they can easily be carefully selected from a pool of much more mixed opinions, altered to make them look more positive than they really were, or even made up entirely. It would be dishonest of Credit Karma to do any of these things, but no one would know aside from them. It would be incredibly easy to get away with it, which is why you should never take on-site reviews like this at face value. In order to get the truth about Credit Karma, we’ll need to find some other sources to corroborate what these ones have to say.

Reviews From Other Customers

A more unbiased source of opinions on Credit Karma Canada can be found at third-party review sites like Trustpilot. There are still plenty of people to be found here who are evidently pleased with what they got out of their experience with this company and left glowing reviews to that effect – over 70% of them currently sit at a full 5 stars. Next to those are where you’ll find your first indications that maybe not everything is as rosy as it looks. Over 10% of those same reviews are just 1 star, indicating severe dissatisfaction. If you look closer at what the people who leave those ratings are actually saying, though, you’ll see that they tend to focus exclusively on certain small things about Credit Karma’s services.Most of the time, their comments will revolve around the difficulty of getting true customer service or will urge you to beware of the fact that the credit services come ‘free’ (the company runs on revenue from targeted ads which may convince some users to appl for products that they do not need or that are not well-suited for them). There are few complaints about the actual credit monitoring services being provided, which means that they are probably of decently high quality and reliable safety.

Reviews From Professionals

The last source we can check in on to find out what people think of Credit Karma are reviews made by professional publications. These reviews are usually a little more in-depth than what you’ll find elsewhere, so if they stay positive, it’s a good sign that the company in question really is a good one. For example, this review from PCMag gives Credit Karma four stars and a rating of ‘excellent,’ indicating a warm approval despite it falling just shy of perfect. Some of the things they praise it for include how easy it is to use and the fact that it offers a fairly good amount of detail on the specifics of your score considering that it is completely free. While they do note at the end that they have other similar services that they prefer to recommend over Credit Karma, they make sure to emphasize that it’s a very close call and that anyone who chooses Credit Karma over the other options isn’t making a bad decision but merely going a different way as a matter of personal choice. Many professionals have something similar to say to this. In fact, Credit Karma is often mentioned as a useful, free way to track your credit when you’re trying to improve it, something which is indispensable on that long hard journey. There is little skepticism on display here and no actual mistrust, so you can count that as another endorsement for this company’s services.

Can You Really Depend on Credit Karma Canada Reviews?

It’s undeniable fact that most of the Credit Karma Canada reviews out there are quite positive; however, that obviously doesn’t necessarily mean that they are accurate or that you will not have any problems with Credit Karma should you decide to use them. Now that it’s so easy to keep an eye on bad press through the power of the internet, it’s also quite easy to supress negative sentiments if you really want to do so. If you let the things you read from others shape your thoughts regarding any service without thinking for yourself, you might end up getting fooled. That’s why you should always rely on your own research and judgements in order to form your opinions of companies like this.

However, there is also such a thing as too much cynicism, and there is no reason to think that this strong positive consensus in Credit Karma Canada reviews is anything but true. Most of the worst reviews out there specifically mention that you ought to be cautious concerning their product recommendations if you wanted to actually try to sign up for any of them. Perhaps you ought to heed that warning just in case, but otherwise, there is no need for you to hesitate to use this company if you wanted to.