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Get No Credit Check Loans
21 Jan 2019

Where to Get No Credit Check Loans

Getting a loan, especially one that requires no credit check, is a process that continues to be disrupted by new innovations. Every day there are more and more ways to do it. Of the three ways to take out no credit check loans that we’ll be examining here, one clearly stands above the rest.

Borrow By Phone

One way to get these kinds of loans is to contact a lender by phone and have a representative sign you up for them. This is by far the least common of the three options presented here, but some lenders still do things this way. It’s also the least optimal way to get a loan in virtually every case.

Because supporting documentation is necessary even without the credit check process, you will always have to either mail in your documents, scan them digitally or bring them into one of your lender’s real-world outlets yourself. This means that the process isn’t over once you hang up the phone. There’s still more to do, and then, even more, waiting during the processing period. All this adds up to a very slow experience.

In addition to the speed issue, transparency and clarity can be a problem when borrowing over the telephone. Loans are complex arrangements with many rights and obligations attached to them, and it’s hard for someone to fully explain them to you in a quick conversation. When you borrow this way, you may miss some critical stipulations about things like due dates and fees that can have a devastating impact on your overall loan experience.

Borrow In Person

Another way to get loans (whether or not they require any credit check) is to go apply for them in person at a lender’s retail outlet. For obvious reasons, this isn’t a universally available option – a lender has to have a storefront in order for you to visit it, after all. If, however, you choose one that does have physical stores (and there are many at the moment), this option is usually a small step up from telephone borrowing.

The only real obstacles you might come across here are things like a pushy salesperson or the need to bring in a document you didn’t realize you’d missed. You also have to deal with the inconvenience of going to the store, of course. While it would obviously be preferable to have a completely smooth and seamless experience, there are fewer potential aggravations to worry about than with the first option.

Borrow Online

The final, increasingly available possibility for getting no credit check loans is to get them online. Most lenders offer an online application process through which you can contract any of their loan products within just minutes. Virtually all of them are just as reputable as any other lender, but they are far more accessible.

This option offers the ultimate level of convenience for consumers. You don’t even have to leave your house to do it, and you’ll have all the information you could possibly want right there at your fingertips as well. You can usually transmit digital copies of all your documents safely and securely through the same portal you use to apply, too, so even that won’t slow you down. You may have to be slightly more careful than usual to avoid the rare scam, but with the help of online research, these should be easy to discover and ignore.

No Credit Check Loans

Getting no credit check loans online is clearly the best option in almost every case, but that only narrows down your options very slightly. Many people will want more guidance, and that’s why Bonsai Finance exists. Our expertise can be your guide through all of your potential loan options. Don’t worry about making the wrong choice – we’ll make sure you have all the information you need so that that doesn’t happen.