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Travelling With the Scotiabank Passport Visa
28 Sep 2019

You’ll Love Travelling With the Scotiabank Passport Visa

Canadians love their vacations as much as anyone, and many travel extensively for work as well. Getting a credit card that helps you to travel more cheaply and easily can make this time on the road even better. The Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite is a great choice for a card that can serve this purpose, even if it isn’t a viable option for everyone.

Get Rewarded For Living the Good Life

Like any higher-end travel credit card, you can use the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite to get a hefty amount of rewards each year. With it, you could earn 2 Scotia Reward points per $1 you spend on groceries, restaurant purchases, transit expenses (buses, trains, and taxis are all included) and entertainment purchases, as well as a single point per dollar on whatever else you might buy. If you live in the city and get around with public transit while eating out frequently and attending many concerts, performances, and cultural events, you’re the ideal candidate for this card. You’ll also get a chance to earn an extra 10,000 points (the equivalent of about $100 in rewards) if you manage to spend at least $40,000 in a single year. As long as your annual spending is relatively high, you should have no trouble earning more than enough points to offset the $139 annual fee. You can then use those points to travel for less or even for free. Gift cards, event tickets, and other typical reward goodies are also available through the Scotia Rewards system for times when travelling just isn’t feasible.

Enjoy Automatic Luxury Benefits With the Scotiabank Passport Card

Rewards are great, but high-end cards like this also get you access to many extra benefits that enhance the experience even more. When you buy something in a foreign currency with this card, you’ll pay no FX fees, saving you approximately 2.5% on every purchase. The savings can really add up while you’re travelling, and you can save when you’re shopping online from international sellers too. Aside from that, you’re also entitled to a free Priority Pass membership and 6 free airport lounge visits each year, so you can travel in comfort too. Then, add in an excellent insurance package: everything is included from trip cancellation insurance, flight delay insurance, baggage insurance, travel accident insurance, hotel burglary insurance, rental car insurance, and most importantly, emergency travel medical insurance. There’s practically nothing that could go wrong on a trip that you won’t be prepared for with this card’s benefits to back you up, and that alone is a pretty good reason to get it.

High Requirements Mean Low Availability

The Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite is undoubtedly a great card, but getting it is not as easy as just wanting it. To be considered, you’ll want to have at least $60,000 in individual annual income or $100,000 as a household. You’ll also need good credit – even an average credit score will not usually be enough. It’s not impossible to meet these standards, of course, but it isn’t easy to do. There isn’t an easy way to secure more income if you’re not already at those levels, and while improving your credit is certainly possible, it can take a long time to see any real results. Even if you work at it, you’ll be waiting a long time to actually see the pay-off. This means that some people will have to accept that the Scotiabank Passport card is just not going to be theirs anytime soon. If you happen to meet these standards, though, you should know that you have a good chance of being approved.

You Know You Want the Scotiabank Passport Visa

The primary things that will keep people from applying for the Scotiabank Passport Visa are the high annual fee and the oppressive requirements that they need to meet in order to be considered. As long as both of those aspects aren’t an issue, any traveler would be happy to have this card in their arsenal. The suite of benefits alone can make trips much more enjoyable, while the rewards will also net you a nice discount on any travelling you do. If you spend a lot of time travelling and can qualify, this card is definitely something you want to look into.