Credit cards for poor credit

  • First Progress Platinum Select MasterCard® Secured Credit Card

    First Progress Platinum Select MasterCard® Secured Credit Card
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    • Just Pay Off Your Balance and Receive Your Deposit Back at Any Time.
    • 24/7 Online Access to Your Account.
    • Nationwide Program though not yet available in NY, IA, AR, or WI.
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    Issuer Synovus Bank
    Regular APRAnnual FeeCredit LineCredit Recommended
    Regular APR14.74%
    Annual Fee$39
    Credit Line$2,000
    Credit RecommendedDamaged/Fair

Sometimes, bad situations happen to good people. Unexpected expenses can catch you off guard and leave you needing cash fast. It may happen just a few days after your payday check paid your bills or it may happen when your payday is nowhere in sight. Either way, you need to come with money to pay your debts. Most people turn to their credit cards to put these unexpected expenses on them and they pay them off later.

However, credit cards for poor credit can be hard to come by or come with ridiculously high-interest rates. If you find yourself with poor credit, a credit card may not be the best solution when you need some extra money quickly.

Credit Cards for People With Poor Credit

Credit cards for people with poor credit are becoming more of a normality. Life can present many financial obstacles. It doesn’t take much to drop your credit score. One large medical bill or an unexpected house repair can completely change your finances. Unpaid bills often go to collections quickly, and you may have even looked at payday loans no credit check as an option. Regardless of where you turn, paying off collections will look great on your credit.

Regular use of credit cards for people with poor credit, however, does far more to raise your scores fast. Many companies are making an effort to assist people in getting back on track. A credit card for poor credit may come with a higher interest rate, however, it is worth the extra money to get your credit back in good standing.

These cards are going to come with several stipulations that may not accompany other cards. Lower limits, deposits, and other fees may be present. Bonsai Finance can help you find credit cards for bad credit and get you back on track.

Why Credit Cards for Poor Credit May Not Be for You

If you have poor credit, this determines a lot of different factors. Poor credit especially matters when you go to request a credit card. Your low credit score could land you with a credit card that has a low monetary threshold and you could be at a loss to pay your current bill. Having credit cards for no credit can also have high-interest rates that are near impossible to pay back. If you are strapped with a short-term financial bill and need quick loans, a credit card may not get you the money fast enough.

When you request credit cards for poor credit it is a long process and can take up to a week before you get the card in hand. Then once you use the credit card, added fees can come with it. If you need money right away, a credit card can take too long to receive.

Poor Credit Credit Cards are a Possible Win-Win Solution

There are possibilities for realistic financial solutions to help with poor credit. Whether you have poor credit due to your past financial misfortune or just because you do not have established credit, there is help available. One of the possible solutions for such a situation is poor credit credit cards.

Poor credit credit cards allow people with poor credit ratings to get the type of credit that they need to get ahead financially. These solutions provide individuals with the ability to get access to funds while building or rebuilding their credit. In other words, this is the type of help that provides a possible win-win solution for the person without good credit.

Credit cards for poor credit

Credit Cards for Poor Credit with No Annual Fee

Annual fees are another cost to be aware of. These fees are often applied to credit cards for poor credit. Once you are better established you can apply for cards without fees. There are, however, a few credit cards for poor credit with no annual fee.

It is best to carefully read the rules and regulations when comparing cards. Some companies may waive the annual fee and use a higher interest rate, instead. A higher interest rate may be easier to work with, as it can be avoided by paying off your balance regularly. When considering a card with an annual fee, take notice of the fee schedule. Some cards may offer a lower annual fee after the first year or with continued prompt payments, others may increase.

All credit cards have fees included to an extent. You need to decide which ones are fair and what you can afford. We can help you find one that fits your budget, even credit cards for poor credit with no annual fee.

Credit Cards for Poor Credit With No Deposit

Credit cards for poor credit with no deposit require a more traditional approval. A deposit is often used on secured cards. It is not impossible, however, to gain approval to one of these cards. Any improvement on your credit score shows companies that you are making positive changes. Pay off collections and pay your secured card on-time for a few months to gain points.

These small changes make a big difference. Even a small increase of your credit score may make you eligible for desirable cards. Cards also require deposits for other purposes.  These fees are often listed as activation or registration fees. Pay attention to make sure these are one-time fees, and not recurring.

Some cards use up over half of the available balance with initial fees, requiring you to pay them down before you can use the majority of your credit-line. Pay attention to card pre-approvals that offer credit with extensive stipulations. You may be better off with a secured card, in this case.

Meeting the Qualifications for Poor Credit Credit Cards

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be no more than 65 years old
  • Have an active bank account for regular withdrawals for payments
  • Have a credit or debit card as a backup solution for payments
  • Have a regular source of income that can be verified by bank statements with transaction history
  • Have an active phone number that can receive both voicemail and SMS text messages

Various Ways to Use Credit and Funds

  • Bonsai Finance

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    Credit ScoreLoan Size/AmountLoan TermAPROrigination Fee
    All can apply$100 - $15,0001 - 604.99% - 1,386%Varies by lender
    Credit ScoreAll can apply
    Loan Size/Amount$100 - $15,000
    Loan Term1 - 60
    APR4.99% - 1,386%
    Origination FeeVaries by lender

At the end of the day, the funds are all yours. You can use them at your own discretion. You do not have any limitations on how you may use the funds. You do not have any stipulations on how you put the funds to use.  You have total control over the decisions made regarding the funds.

You have the possibility of using poor credit credit cards for:

  • Paying down or paying off prior debts and current debts like credit cards, personal loans and other financial commitments
  • Buying or paying off a new or used car
  • Getting home improvement or repairs done to your primary residence
  • Going on a vacation for yourself, as a couple or even as an entire family
  • Taking college courses or finishing up a degree program

The options are limitless. You can use the funds how you see fit. The money is yours.

Do not live like you do not have help available to you. Help exists for you. Live out your financial dreams with the solutions available to you.

Credit Card for Poor Credit: your solution

Choosing a credit card for poor credit gives you a chance to improve your credit rating while using the card. Among unsecured credit cards, the Credit One Bank Platinum Visa card allows you to rebuild your credit with few up-front costs. It offers free pre-qualification and does not require a safety deposit.

For a secured credit card for poor credit, the Discover it card carries no annual fee, but asks for a security deposit of $200 or more in order to establish a line of credit. You can get a deposit refund after eight months of responsible usage.

In a world that is getting increasingly digital, it helps to have an added layer of security. The advantage of a credit card is that for every fraudulent charge made on it, you are not liable. This means you lose no money for any purchases made if your card is lost or stolen. Transactions taken on your debit card do not have the same added protections, which can often result in huge financial loss.

Having bad credit doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from this protection. With credit cards for poor credit, you can benefit from all the same financial protections as any other credit card.

Emergency Solutions

Credit cards are an important factor of everyday life. Very often, you can find yourself in situations where you need cash fast. Whether it’s damage to your roof, a flat tire, or something as simple as an unexpected expense of the month, sometimes there are events that you did not plan for.

You should not be vulnerable just because of your low credit score. If you need access to funds quickly, we can help find you the best bad credit loan quickly and efficiently. Credit cards for poor credit offer quick access to cash so that you don’t have to wait when life hits you.

Buying Much Needed Time

Building back good credit takes time. Unfortunately, having bad credit is cyclical. Every time you get ahead of your payments, there are many more bills ahead of you. With a credit card for poor credit, you can allow yourself the time you need to get in control of your finances.

Slowly building up credit can come with many benefits such as lower interest rates, getting approved for auto or home loans, and lower APRs. With their highly competitive rates, the personal loans we help you find can give you the needed financial boost to get back on your feet.

Credit Cards for Poor Credit Are a Safer Back Up Plan

You may be inclined to request a bad credit card designed for someone with a relatively good credit score. Many people feel that there is nothing to lose in seeing if they will get approved. However, this can come with many risks.

Not only are you likely to be denied, but filling out and getting rejected from too many credit card requests can do even further damage to your credit score. We can help you avoid this situation by connecting you with lenders that are likely to approve you from the start.

With a credit card for poor credit, the lenders we connect you with, in addition to a fixed interest rate and direct access to funds, can provide a record of your transactions that will help you strategically plan for the future. This will allow you to monitor your spending habits, borrow money when you need, and be back on the path to financial success.

People with poor credit history still need to be able to afford unexpected expenses without resorting to costly payday loans. Many people mistakenly believe that there are no reputable credit cards for no credit clients. As a result, they may resort to expensive short-term loans or borrow from friends and family, which can be difficult depending on your circumstances. Bonsai Finance can help find you the right lender, giving you access to funds when you need them most. Yes, we can help you find credit cards for no credit.

Most people start out their adult lives without any credit, relying on things like student loans or car loans to help build a positive credit history. Not everyone decides to take out loans, which can leave many people with no credit to speak of. Payday loan centers and other organizations may offer short-term funds but at a steep cost. Thankfully, there is an alternative. At Bonsai Finance, we can help set you up with the perfect card for you, even if you have no credit.

What to Look for in Credit Cards for No Credit Clients

When you are searching for credit cards for no credit clients, you should still be somewhat picky. It is essential to select a card that suits your needs and lifestyle. It may be tempting to go with the first company that approves you, but you need to be sure that you can live with the terms that accompany the card.

The interest rate and amount of annual fees are the first two things you should look at when considering a credit card of this nature. Make sure that you can reasonably afford the annual rates and the interest charged. A good way to figure this out is to calculate the interest owed on a maxed-out card. If that exceeds what you can reasonably afford to pay back, you should consider another card. It is much better for your credit rating to have no credit history than a poor credit history.

Why You Should Search for No-Credit Credit Cards

It is incredibly important to build good credit as early as possible. Your ability to get a nice home, a good car, and even the career of your dreams depends on your credit rating. Obtaining a credit card and ensuring you pay it off every month is a great way to start building good credit. It shows future creditors that even when you were young, you still ensured your debts were paid. A good credit report that goes back years is a great way to get good mortgages rates, potentially saving you a lot of money.

When Credit Cards for Clients with No Credit May Not Be for You

In some cases, it is best to wait before applying for a credit card. If you are not working a steady job or are unsure you can meet your monthly obligations, getting a credit card may only serve to worsen your credit rating. Perhaps you have already tried applying for a no credit check loan and were denied by the lenders. Recovering from poor credit is a lot harder than building good credit. If you have concerns about your ability to pay another monthly bill, you should wait until your financial situation is a little more stable.

People who are impulse shoppers should also think twice before opting for a credit card. Access to funds you do not have to pay back immediately can worsen the impulse to buy products you do not need. Instead, you should work toward getting this need for instant gratification under control before you contact Bonsai Finance for assistance on getting a credit card.

How to Get Credit Cards for No Credit

There are a few things you need to bring with you when you apply for a card without any credit. The lenders Bonsai Finance works with may request more personal information from you than someone else who has a pre-established good credit rating. This is because they are taking a risk on someone who has not yet proven their creditworthiness.

To begin with, you need to have photo identification. Some online loan lenders may demand two forms, while others are satisfied with one. You also need to provide proof of income. Ideally, you should be able to demonstrate that you have held a steady job and drawn in a consistent amount of pay over the last few months. If you have any other assets, investments, or accounts, you should bring this information with you as well. You are trying to prove to the lender that you are someone who can pay back the amount you draw.

Come in to visit us at Bonsai Finance to talk about your credit card needs. We can help find credit card agencies who specialize in offering credit cards with reasonable rates and annual fees to those without any credit. You do not need to resort to other loan options when short-term emergencies happen. Credit cards can also give you the freedom to order online, saving money and getting the products you want. Contact a representative at Bonsai Finance today to learn more about how we can help connect you with the right credit card today.