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Credit cards for poor credit
15 Aug 2017

Credit cards for poor credit

Sometimes, bad situations happen to good people. Unexpected expenses can catch you off guard and leave you needing cash fast. It may happen just a few days after your payday check paid your bills or it may happen when your payday is nowhere in sight. Either way, you need to come with money to pay your debts. Most people turn to their credit cards to put these unexpected expenses on them and they pay them off later. However, credit cards for poor credit can be hard to come by or come with ridiculously high-interest rates. If you find yourself with poor credit, a credit card may not be the best solution when you need some extra money quickly.

Why Credit Cards for Poor Credit May Not Be for You

If you have poor credit, this determines a lot of different factors. Poor credit especially matters when you go to apply for a credit card. Your low credit score could land you with a credit card that has a low monetary threshold and you could be at a loss to pay your current bill. Having credit cards for poor credit can also have high-interest rates that are near impossible to pay back. If you are strapped with a short-term financial bill, a credit card may not get you the money fast enough. When you apply for credit cards for poor credit it is a long process and can take up to a week before you get the card in hand. Then once you use the credit card, added fees can come with it. If you need money right away, a credit card can take too long to receive.

Why an Online Payday Loan Can Help

If you are trying to find a credit card for poor credit, you could spend hours of your time finding one that approves you. An online payday loan is quick and easy. We know how difficult it is to have financial stress. That’s why we make payday loans easy and confidential with our online application. Online payday loans are different than traditional loans. We use direct lenders only and they are available for any expense you need. Our online loans come with fixed interest rates that can be extended up to 18 months. You are not locked in for years like with other loans. When you apply for a payday loan and become approved with us, your money is sent to your bank account immediately. If you need to pay bills fast, this is a quick way to get money with poor credit.

All you need to apply is to fill out our online application. We ask for your income to be verified and then you need a cell phone, a debit or credit card, and a bank account for your funds to be deposited into. We process your loan in just a few hours and then you have the cash you need.

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