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Capital One Venture Card Review: What You Need to Know
23 Sep 2018

A Capital One Venture Card Review: What You Need to Know

According to the Federal Reserve, credit card payments have been increasing at an 8.4 percent rate in the United States. Do you own a credit card? If so, are you happy with it?

Maybe you are shopping for your first credit card. Either way, choosing the right one isn’t easy. You might’ve heard about the Capital One Venture Card but, aren’t sure if it’s the right credit card for you.

Want to learn why consumers are falling in love with this credit card? We’ll discuss all the information you need to know in our Capital One Venture Card review. Read on to learn more!

What Are Customers Saying About the CapitalOne Venture Card?

According to Capital One Venture Card reviews, consumers give this card a 4.6 rating. That’s a great rating considering it has 9710 reviews from cardholders.

What makes this credit card different? Does it come with any perks? What are the credit requirements?

Your Capital One Venture Card Review: All You Need to Know

To be eligible for this credit card, the lender requires excellent credit for Venture credit card holders. According to them, a consumer meets this credit level when they haven’t defaulted on a loan or declared bankruptcy.

Also, they must’ve never made a payment more than 60 days late on their loans, credit cards or medical bills during the last year. During at least 3 years, the consumer must’ve held a loan or credit card for a credit limit of 3,000 dollars or more.

The annual fee for the Capital One Venture card is 95 dollars. But, the lender will assess this fee after your first-year membership. It’s a great offer considering the high annual fees charged by many credit card lenders.

This credit card offers a very competitive initial enrollment bonus. If you spend 3,000 dollars on purchases during the first 3 months, the lender will give you a 50,000-miles bonus. This reward is worth 500 dollars in travel costs.

The interest or annual percentage rate (APR) range for this credit card is between 14.24 to 24.24 percent. Your interest rate will depend on your credit profile and the lender’s decision. If you’re a traveler, this might be the best credit card for you.

It offers great rewards to use for traveling. If you use your Venture Card when you travel, you will earn a 10-mile reward per dollar spent on hotel stay purchases. Also, you can earn miles that have no blackout dates by flying any airline or staying at any hotel.

This credit card doesn’t charge any foreign transaction fees. Also, the miles you earn don’t expire and are unlimited. As a cardholder, you will always earn double miles on purchases.

Bottom Line

Our Capital One Venture Card review discusses all the basic must know details about this credit card. The Capital One Venture Card may be the right credit card for you even if you don’t travel a lot.

It provides competitive rates and rewards that make it a great choice. Before applying, it’s recommended that you research your options. Also, you should make sure you meet the lender’s credit level to increase your odds of getting your CapitalOne Venture Card.

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