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Top Credit Cards guide
26 Jul 2018

A Guide To Top Credit Cards At Any Age

How do you find top credit cards to apply for, and get approved for, regardless of age, credit history, and other factors?

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find the right credit card offer when you’re very young, (sometimes) when you’re very old, or when your credit history is below average or simply “nonexistent.”

But it’s not hopeless. At Bonsai Finance, we specialize in helping anyone and everyone find their best possible credit card through a quick, simple, no-risk process.

Find Your Top Credit Cards Offers Through Bonsai Finance

There are always a host of credit card offers out there that you could get approved for – regardless of your age or your situation. But how do you find the top credit cards so you can get the best possible deal?

Bonsai Finance’s high-powered search engines and knowledgeable, friendly staff make it easy. Simply enter your desired search criteria, be it low APR, low fees, high credit line, unsecured VS secured card, or cash back percentages and other special “perks.” Within seconds, you will get a ranking of your best offers, based on those categories.

Bonsai makes it easy to compare and contrast your options. And we give you instant access to your options as well all in one place – so you don’t have to search from site to site endlessly reading terms and other details.

Searching for the best credit card through us is much more efficient and gets you much more reliable results.

Which Credit Cards Are Best?

Aside from banks and specific card offers, which you’ll see reviewed on numerous sites all over the Internet, you need to think of the specific features desired in your next credit card.

Having an idea in mind of exactly what you’re looking for will help you recognize the closest match once you see it. And Bonsai can bring it up before your eyes.

Which card is best varies from person to person. Students may want a “student credit card” that offers cash back for good grades or other relevant perks. Anyone with little to no credit should find a card that reports on-time payments consistently to all three credit bureaus, if possible.

If you plan to use your card for almost all of your monthly, regular expenses, be sure to get a high credit limit, low APR, and as generous a cash back scheme as you can.

Those who travel a lot should get a travel card that gets them money back on gas and hotels or an airline credit card that earns them frequent flyer miles.

Finally, if you shop at particular stores a lot, consider a store credit card that gives you 5% back on all purchases made at that retailer or “family of retailers.”

In many cases, one card may not get you everything. You may have to find the best overall card. Or, you may want to buy two or more credit cards in order to get “the best of both worlds.” But it doesn’t make sense to choose an inferior credit card because you simply weren’t aware of a better offer that was out there. Bonsai Finance can prevent that from happening!

Our Mission At Bonsai Finance

We saw a gap in the marketplace, a hurdle it was hard for consumers to get over in the search for their best credit card offer. Individual lender websites and review sites just weren’t enough. Something else was needed – a free to use search engine that would shorten the credit card search process to mere minutes.

That’s what we provide at Bonsai Finance. Our search engines and experienced staff have helped many others locate their top credit cards, apply for them and get approved. We can do the same for you!