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Discover Travel Card
26 Sep 2019

Benefits Of The Discover Travel Card

For those who travel frequently, or at least travel great distances, every year, finding a top-rate “travel card” is a must. Why not save money and earn perks by doing what you are already planning to do anyway?

While you don’t want to make purchases solely for the sole purpose of racking up points, as this study by shows, using those points for travel can be a nice benefit.

One of the best travel credit cards available today that most people can get approved for is the Discover Travel Card. Read on to find out its main features and whether it’s right for you!

Why Choose The Discover Travel Card?

There are a number of important benefits to the Discover Travel Card that make it a stand out choice for those seeking a top-tier travel companion credit card. Besides bearing a name you know you can trust, here are the card’s main positive features:

  • Zero annual fee. That is a huge benefit. No one likes having to pay annual fees or having to constantly call to get them canceled each year upon threat of canceling the card.
  • Zero APR interest rate for the first 14 months you own the account. Also, you get your annual miles earned doubled at year’s end.
  • Low balance transfer rates and fees.
  • You earn one and a half “miles” per dollar spent on the card.
  • There are no limits on how many miles you can earn!

This is a great card for those who fly a lot or travel a lot by other means like rental car, bus, or train. It isn’t a perfect card, of course. Depending on your credit score, it may have high interest rates and/or cash advance fees, for example. And you might need a different card to avoid foreign transaction fees if that’s a major concern to you – but this travel card from Discover is certainly in the top tier of popular options on the market today.

What Features Should I Look For In A Travel Card?

There are numerous travel card offers available online today that each include one or more highly attractive features. You really want to search for your new card on a feature by feature basis at first and then match your must-haves and should-haves up with the best overall option.

Here are the 5 most important features you should be concerned about when it comes to travel credit cards:

  1. Valuable travel rewards. The most obvious benefit you want is access to travel rewards, in the form of points or cashback, that are actually worthwhile.
  2. A simple, workable system. Next in importance is the simplicity and “doability” of the system. So what if you potentially could earn a lot but can’t understand how the points work or can’t realistically expect to meet the minimum requirements to earn them.
  3. No annual fee or a low annual fee. Low fees and rates in general. You don’t want to lose in extra interest what you gain in travel rewards!
  4. A low or nonexistent foreign transaction fee rate. Many people travel frequently to other countries and make purchases there, and foreign transaction fees add up quick for world travelers.
  5. Accepts imperfect credit scores. If you have damaged credit – or at least below-average credit, a travel card is only valuable to you if you can actually get approved for it.

How Do I Find My Ideal Travel Perks Credit Card Fast?

The Internet is flooded with credit card offers of all kinds, including travel-perk credit cards. The Discover Travel Card we mentioned above is a good option and may be what you are looking for, but then again, maybe you want to compare the best credit card options before making a final decision.

What is the most efficient way to scour the Web for the very best travel cards without spending all day doing it? I’m glad you asked! At Bonsai Finance, our online free-to-use search tools make it quick and simple to find your ideal card! We can also help you find the best personal loans, payday loans, and no credit check payday loans if that’s what you’re looking for.

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